New build seems far too slow

  carlos3d 15:53 23 Oct 2005

I recently had a new pc built with the following spec:

AMD 64 3500+
Radeon x800GT
ABit AN8 series motherboard
1 gig of fast ram
(running XP home edition)

The problem is the pc seems to be running far too slow when playing games. In 3d Mark 05, for example, it only scores 2,275???!! (which I think is far below what it should be scoring). It's been suggested that I (re)install my motherboard drivers, but that does not seem to have altered the score.

Can anyone please help or point me in the right direction??

  polish 15:55 23 Oct 2005

if antivirus installed and firewall try diabling them when playing games and disconect from internet

  carlos3d 15:58 23 Oct 2005

I always ensure that firewall, antivius etc are disabled and that I'm not connected to the net. There was as little as poss running in the background when I go the awful score on 3d mark. Any other ideas? I literallypicked the system up on firday and, at the moment, it doesn't seem to be running anywhere near its capabilities.

Thanks for your help so far.

  sharkfin 16:01 23 Oct 2005

Is it just the score your basing your opinion on? Have you played any games? how does it perform when you do?

  carlos3d 16:07 23 Oct 2005

It's palying games such as FEAR and Quake 4 reasonably well, slightly better, possibly, than my old system, which was based on an Atholn 2800+ (not 64) and a Radeon 9800m pro. However, it still seems to be struggling more than I'd expect and the 3d make score, i guess, confirmed my worries.

Comparable systems seem to be achieving almost twice the score or more. I think it's more than "gamer paranoia", a driver problem possibly??
I feel that I chose the right components for the build, but don;t think I'm getting anywhere near the best out of them at the mo.

I would be really grateful if anyone can offer some direction or advice. The link to the 3d Mark 05 score is gievn below.

click here

Thanks, Carl

  polish 16:28 23 Oct 2005

have you got the latest drivers installed although sometimes not always the best recently had trouble getting a game to even run until installed a driver two back.
also might be wurth making sure dma is enabled for your hard drive under device manager

  carlos3d 16:48 23 Oct 2005

I know I have the latest catalyst drivers installed for the graphics card. AS for the motherboard drivers, are these significant and if so, how do I check them?

I did install some nvidia drivers for the motherboard (upon someone's suggestion). When I was doing so, I kept getting warnings that these wern't recognised and may cause XP to be unstable. Is this normal? The system later froze, and I had to do a earlier system restart so I may have to reinstall these drivers. When I reran 3d mark with the nvidia drivers however, it didn't seem to alter the score.

You mentioned enabling dma, how do I do this. I can't see this option in device manager.

ANy other possiblities for what's slowing the system up, do I need to look at the motherboard drivers again?

I appreciate your help.

  polish 21:47 23 Oct 2005

dma is enabled in device manager under ide ata controllers
make sure you only get drivers from the products manufacturer site

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