New Build running - Thanks PCA forum

  Ironman556 20:07 30 Jul 2003

Hi, some may or may not remember helping me around a month ago regarding the choice of PC parts. There's loads of names so I'll just say thankyou all. I had a bit of help building as it's my first build, and everything went pretty smoothly, although had a slight hitch with a dead floppy drive and XP install not liking my SATA HDD.

Anyway thanks to everyone whose replied to my postings, the help has been gratefully recieved and I'm verry happy with my new pc.

For anyone who's interested:

ASUS A7N8X, Athlon 2800XP with Zalman 5100Cu + coolermaster fan, 1 GB DDR400, Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro, Samsung DVD + CDRW, Antec 480W True Blue PSU, Seagate SATA HDD, very nice Enermax case (with lights & window :-D), LG 1710B 17" TFT, Logitec cordless/optical keyboard/mouse & Logitec Z-640 speakers.


  Djohn 01:21 31 Jul 2003

On behalf of PCA. FE. and all the forum users, your welcome! :o)

  -pops- 05:39 31 Jul 2003

Keep coming back. With your new found experience you are now in an excellent position to be able to help others in trepidation about their first build.

I'm pleased it's all worked for you!


  Ironman556 18:55 31 Jul 2003

Thanks, I often sign n and try to respond to posts anyway when I can, and if I can't answer anything, I usually learn somthing :-D

  barrie_g 19:14 31 Jul 2003

Well you've done it now, gone and completed your first self build, wonderful feeling aint it?

Now though you will find out just how addictive it is, completed my first selfbuild in january this year, my ideal pc, I'm already wanting to upgrade and I've just started planning my next on for when I can convince the boss that I really do need it and no I'm not wasting money( planning to build around a shuttle xpc click here ) just a dream for now and waiting for dvd writers to come down in price a little more.

  Ironman556 20:32 31 Jul 2003

Yes, it's a great feeling. I've been gradually upgrading my old PC, but it reached it's limits and I went for the self build.

I've got my eye on a DVD writer too, but I'm waiting for the prices to drop a bit. I paid £200 for my CDRW, which has served me well, but I can't see a DVD RW being as much use at the moment... maybe when the Terrabyte hard drives come in ;-)

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