new build problems return

  thosjc 21:38 07 Oct 2008

Hi all. More help please. Some of you will remember my first problem was a misplaced jumper lead on the motherboard as supplied by Asustek! But now I have a problem with (I think) the video card. The computer randomly crashes and reboots. Most often is is when first turning it on just after the POST and before the Windows log-in screen but occasionally later too. Sometimes its as though Ive restarted so I go through POST again and other times it just sits with a black screen. Still other times everything loads and runs OK (including overnight soak and cranking everything to maximum on Crysis). My first thought was power supply problem so I tried giving the video card its own supply (I have plugged in the 4 pin lead to the MB and the extra supply to the Radeon)but thats not made any difference.

My system is new build with: Asus PK5C mother board, Sapphire Radeon 4850 graphics, Arctic 700 watt power supply, 2GB Corsair memory. Ive updated the BIOS and all the drivers I can think of (graphis, sound, chipset, usb, ethernet) - but the problem persists. In my bones I think this is a graphics card problem but Im too new to all this to know how to check it. The one time the crash resulted in a 'send microsoft information' I only got the unhelpful ' it could be a driver, a virus etc' (BTW Its not a virus - checked that).
Ive looked at the temperature of the processor and the graphics card but I can only see the latter once Im running OK so who knows if there is a problem at boot. The temp of the processor and MB are stable at around 50C even after soak.
Any advice gratefully received. Does Im Spartticus have any ideas?

  woodchip 21:42 07 Oct 2008

The Time that it crashes is the Time that Drivers are being loaded. So me thinks one of these is not right. Have you had a look at Event viewer to see if it will help. In Control Panel Admin

  woodchip 21:44 07 Oct 2008

PS Does it do it in Safe Mode? you could also run troubleshooter in MSCONFIG

  thosjc 22:00 07 Oct 2008

Hi woodchip

Yes, unfortunately meaningless to me but Ill continue to pursue that. What I have not tried is putting the error code into google and seeing what it says. Ill do that. I tried once loading in safe mode. It went through all the way OK but then the graphics looked like it had been through a seive! Still legible but all pixelated and scintillating if you get what I mean. Making me even more sure its something to do with the graphics system. But I have the most recent drivers for that.

  thosjc 22:02 07 Oct 2008

Hi woodchip again - just noticed your last comment about running trouble shooter in MSCONFIG - did not know about that. What do i do?

  I am Spartacus 22:06 07 Oct 2008

As Woody says it could be a driver problem.

The 4850 will definitely need the 6 pin power connector. Also it's worth plugging in the extra 4 pin connector to the motherboard socket. Are you using the ATI 8.9 drivers (8.8 was buggy on my 4850)?

Have you left the voltages on Auto, particularly the RAM voltages. In my experience Asus boards tend to undervolt on RAM and overvolt on vcore. Depending on the version of Corsair RAM it may need more than the board is currently supplying. It would be unusual for it to pass overnight stress testing though.

Also possibly faulty RAM, I use the MS Diagnostics tool click here

  I am Spartacus 22:08 07 Oct 2008

Just seen your further comments. Make sure you have the lastest ATI drivers installed. Artefacts on screen could indicate driver problem, overheating or defective card. Check the GFX fan is still spinning.

  I am Spartacus 22:14 07 Oct 2008

Just noticed you said that motherboard temperature was 50ºC after stress testing, that's a bit high even for an Asus board, is the airflow in the case OK?

  woodchip 12:08 08 Oct 2008

Type MSCONFIG in run press enter, then check each tab for what I said about troubleshooting mode. It does not say that but it allows you do it. on one of the tabs you can turn off all and. In Win98se its called Selective Startup I am not on my XP computer at the moment so cannot verify the above Just Tick Diagnostic Startup Box and restart computer

  gary2112 12:52 08 Oct 2008

what is the full speck of your system.
when installing a grafix card inportant
1 install chipset drivers that came with the motherbord t
2 install grafix card drivers
3 make shore your psu is at least 550 wats.
3 make shore you do not connect the card to any splitter cables the card must be powerd from the psu its self.
if you get any probs still my msn is [email protected] and ill be happy to help you out been building pc.s for years.
it as nothing to do with ms config as this just lets you stop things from running .as this a hardwere prob

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