New Build problems (maybe cpu)

  Harvey Oliver 14:14 01 Jul 2018

So I built a new computer the other day as my first ever build.
The stats are-

Ryzen 1600x, MSI gtx970, MSI B350 pro vdh motherboard, 8gb patriot viper 2800mh ram, Corsair cx550m psu, gamemaxx 400 cpu cooler.

All components new but gtx 970. So the construction was sound and everything was inside the case without the two side panels attached.On switching on the whole rig seemed to be fully operational with no problems. Then I powered it off attempted to close the panel on the wire side by applying little force. I find I cannot attach the panel so go to improving wire management. Turning the pc back on all my fans are continuously turning off and on, and the ez debug LEDs on the board are all flashing repeatedly. I have to turn the power off by the plug in order to turn the pc off. Just running the motherboard out of the case with cpu, cooler and ram the same problem persists but only with the cpu debug led flashing constant triggering the pc to turn on and off. With out the cpu power cable attached the motherboard powers up fine. Since then I have removed the cooler and cpu neither of which seem to have any damage (or there motherboard). But upon reinstallation there is still no fix. Can someone please help me as I have literally spent all my saved up money for a year on this and have no way of affording to replace any components.

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