New Build Problem

  DW9047 00:12 14 Dec 2003

I am building a PC, Using a MSI KT4V Mainboard and Athlon XP2400 processor. I have assembled all parts and turned on but I get nothing, only the cpu fan working, 1 beep on turn on. I have taken everything off, so all that is assembled on the Maonboard is the CPU and heatsink fan. Power is obviously going to the board as the CPU fan is working. The mainboard is completely off the case, so no shorting out on the case.
Does this sound like a fualty mainboard, is there anyway of testing the mainboard?? or could it be the CPU?? or have I missed something so blindingly obvious.

Cheers in advance.

  clayton 00:20 14 Dec 2003

do you get anything on the screen @ all,have you another graphics card you could try ?

  InZaNE_mOdS 00:24 14 Dec 2003

take out your gfx card, and boot. hear post beep? if so then buy a new gfx card or get that one refunded. or check that all fans are plugged into correct places, i.e. processor fan in the cpu fan pin socket etc.

If you dont hear post beep without gfx card, then reinsert it and take out the ram and boot up and do that same. for any component. But really it would mainly be the ram or the gfx card, as i had exactly same problem 2months ago and it was the gfx card. I used same mobo too. Secondly might be the ram. if all else fails, it might be your processor. But the checks i give you are basic and easy ones to perform, so best of luck.

  DW9047 00:24 14 Dec 2003

Thanks Clayton,

No I get nothing on the screen. I can try the graphics card from this PC. But I would expect Beeps to signify missing parts, ie memory, graphics card.

  DW9047 00:38 14 Dec 2003

Thanks InZane_mOdS

With the components you suggested in or out the boot up is the same, 1 beep after pressing the on button, the CPU fan kicks in, then a click click and that is it. The only thing I have not tried yet is to take off the heatsink fan remove processor and refit them.

  Gaz 25 00:40 14 Dec 2003

Them motherboards are reliable, so dont think it is that.

Could be Graphics, becuse you would get a display if it was anything else.

  InZaNE_mOdS 00:44 14 Dec 2003

disconnect power from cd drives if any just in case. Take out ram and gfx card together and have you checked the fan? then finally boot up. Does the beep you get come straight away or after a bit as this might be a post beep. My pc beeps straight away once to signal the button has been pressed then again to say the post is okay. What are the whole specs of your system?

  Gaz 25 00:47 14 Dec 2003

Oddly mine never beeps.

But the PC works fine, post says: Status: Ok.


No probs. And the Int. speaker does work.

  DW9047 00:47 14 Dec 2003

Thanks Gaz 25,

All three of you are suggesting the Graphics card as probably the problem here. I will take the card from this machine and will post back with results. Just as a point of interest and maybe comments on reliability, the Graphics card is a Radeon 9200 Excalibur 128MB DDR. Never used it before, don't normally go this high spec as not a gamer.


  InZaNE_mOdS 00:49 14 Dec 2003

Gaz 25, Your pc doesn't post beep? It should do, all pcs post beep, these days. Although my old pc now only makes a very lownoised beep as i had some messing with it some time ago and it went weird.

  DW9047 00:52 14 Dec 2003


I was typing as you posted.
Beep is straight away after pressed button, no second beep.

Whole spec is KT4V mainboard, Athlon XP2400, Radeon 9200 Excalibur 128MB DDR, Memory is 256MB DDR RAM, 40g HD, CDRW/DVD Combo.

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