New build PC switches itself off without warning

  Tonycooper3 11:28 24 May 2005


I've just built a new PC and it's been running smoothly for a few days. However, yesterday after booting up windows XP it just turned itself off and it has done this about 3 times since.

It didn't close windows, just powered off. I could then turn it back on straight afterwards.

It's not virus related and internal temperatures seem to be within the right parameters. Any ideas what this could be?

Seems to be running fine 80% of the time.

Asus A8N - Sli Deluxe motherboard
AMD 64 3500

  Aspman 12:17 24 May 2005

Sounds like an overheating CPU.

Might be worth remounting the CPU and cooler just in case. Possibly the cooling grease has shifted during the the first few days of use.

Try touching the sides of the cooler just after it switches off to see how hot it is to touch. The thermometers in the mobos are not always accurate.

Have you got a lot of other internal devices, multiple hard drives, high spec gfx etc. You could be stressing the PSU if it is only 300W or so.
Try running it with something disconnected from the power, a slave CD or something else you can live without for a day.

  Tonycooper3 12:26 24 May 2005

Hi Aspman, thanks for the reponse

Your overheating CPU idea sounds likely, as I had to change motherboards during the build.

I ended up fitting the processor and fan/heatsink, only to have to remove them and put them onto another MB - When I did this I would of unstuck the cooling grease

I think you're right and assuming that's the problem - what should I do?

  DieSse 15:18 24 May 2005

Such a problem can also be caused by

A faulty PSU

A faulty mains supply

The way to check them both out is fairly clear, of course.

If you are thinking maybe the CPU is overheating, then on a power back up after an unscheduled switch off - go into the BIOS and check the temperature - you will soon see if this is a likely cause.

  961 15:42 24 May 2005

Go to click here and download (free) Everest Home edition

Install and monitor temperatures

Check usual temps for AMD 64 at click here

  woodchip 16:11 24 May 2005

Get some new thermal grease and redo the CPU and Fan keep powering up is not going to help, if that's the problem

  Tonycooper3 16:17 24 May 2005

Hi, thanks guys.

I'm using the same mains supply I always have, so that isn't the problem.

I have the asusprobe temperature monitoring software running and that seems to indicate the temperatures are all ok, but maybe the probe is innacurate.

I would have thought it would overheat after it had been on for a while rather than as soon as windows boots up no?

I guess it could also be the PSU.

Either way, it hasn't done it since I posted the first message so fingers crossed it's just settling down...

  961 16:33 24 May 2005

Then see if any of the software is set to automatically shut down the system

This can include the modem, lan, the dial up and everything else including such things as BT 1571

A trawl round the BIOS settings may be worth a try but one question is, after you have gone through this re-start, does it do it again, or is it on for as long as you wish after you have restarted?

  Aspman 17:03 24 May 2005

Woodchip is right epecially if you have been moving the cpu cooler without putting any fresh heat conducting grease on.

I would do a search in the forum for the best stuff. I think Arctic silver is still on the go but you need to be careful with it. Others may know of better products.

961 has some good suggestions I never thought of an unexpected software shutdown. Not something I've seen but definitely possible.

Are you on a surge protector? Could that + old/dodgy wiring be a problem?

  Total Care Support 17:48 24 May 2005

Have you turned off restart on errors within windows?

This little feature of MS's means that the comptuer shuts down and restarts all by itself if it percives an error the down side of this is you dont get so see an error message and it can be set off just by two word docs trying to access the same resources at the same time.

Take a look Windows for some reason installs this little gem by default.

Right click my computer.

select properties.

in the window that appears select advanced tab.

the buttons that now display include one under the section "startup and recovery" third one down right hand side.

clicking this button opens a new pop up window.

Shown now will be some tick boxes including one called "restart automatically" (or restart on errors) check it is unticked or untick it

click apply and ok your way back to the desktop, restart and see if that resolves your issue before playing with hardware.

at the very least you should no start getting error messages.


  Tonycooper3 09:08 25 May 2005

Hi, thanks for all the input

Total Care Support - Just unticked that box, though when it goes off it doesn't try and restart - it just turns off.

It hasn't done it since yesterday, but you're right, better to try a software solution first.

I'm going to get some thermal grease and remount if it does it today, then investigate some of the other potential probs if that doesn't sort it.


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