New build PC HDD partitions

  Chelonian 11:03 10 Apr 2010

I've been told that on a new PC build it's good practice to put Windows into a separate HDD partition from data.

I understand the reason for this advice but is there any benefit (or problem) with putting, say, drivers and applications onto separate HDD partitions too?

I can't find specific information online so any links, advice or opinions will be much appreciated.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:51 10 Apr 2010

Drivers - will be in the windows system folders so only a backup is required/ preferable in a separate partition.

Applications - I never (if possible) allow applications to in stall to the default c:\program files\??? I always put on a separate partition.

This allows me to keep the C: partition small and therefore makes it quick and easy to make a back up / restore an image of this partition. If windows fails I can restore the image and be working again in less than 10 minutes.

  Batch 21:59 10 Apr 2010

Have to say that I think OS and pgms should be on same partition (if using Windows). The reason is that pgm installs make numerous changes to the registry and often entries in the Windows folders and so restoring an OS partition without the pgms or vice versa seems to be asking for trouble.

In any event the OS & pgms together shouldn't be that massive (I have 3 PCs and the largest backup image I have of such a partition is approx 3.5GB and only takes a few minutes to restore).

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