New build PC cuts out - Power but no activity ?

  Giggle n' Bits 20:18 03 Sep 2003

Put together the following bits:-
Asus A7V8X-X, AMD Athlon XP2400 (2GHz),
128MB PC2100 DDR,
Gainward 128MB DDR AGP x8 Powerpack 660/TV out
2nd hand DVD, 2nd 48x Plextor CD Wtr drive
Rear cooling case fan and Thermal soloution paste on CPU correct.

I can go in BIOS and set the settings all ok, CPU temp max of 55C and M/board at 28c with cut out for CPU at 95c.

After about 10 mins exit the bios and the computer will just all stop and cut out apart from the Motherboard still has power as green go light shows on M/baord and the front Case switch is still green showing power is also still on.

There are no spinning drives or fans though.

I haven't seen this problem before. Is it a Bad DDR memory, Faulty M/board, AGP Card or CPU ?

Suggestions on a postcard here in this post most desperatly welcome.

  madPentium 20:25 03 Sep 2003

have you tried to disable the cutout temperature? It may be a fault in the bios.

  snoresloudly 20:26 03 Sep 2003

Hmmm, have you checke that all componts are seated correctly? also
"I can go in BIOS and set the settings all ok, CPU temp max of 55C and M/board at 28c with cut out for CPU at 95c." gives a clue, it looks like the bios is doing exactly what you asked it to do. Daft question but apart from the thermal paste on the cpu you did also put a cooler on?
Have you overclocked the cpu?

Post back as we can help!!!

  Jomi 20:27 03 Sep 2003

Have you overclocked the fsb in the BIOS?

Isn't 55c a bit low for max CPU temp? assuming you set the BIOS to shut down at that.
Mines at 70c which is warm but well below boiling point of water.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:40 03 Sep 2003

BIOS in a moment as the pc is behind me.

snoresloudly, when you said "gives a clue it looks like the bios is doing exactly what I ask it to do! The settings are correct as far as I am aware:-

CPU is a XP2400 which is a 2 GHz.
Multiply clock is set at x15
FSB in BIOS is 133/33 for 266FSB
The Memory is all configured for Auto and for SPD

The Cut out Thermal Protection setting is only adjustable to either 85c or 95c.

Definatly not a Bios Setting I am 100% confident its Hardware.

The PC has jsut cut out while in BIOS (3 mins)

Thanks for the quick call everyone !!!

  madPentium 20:45 03 Sep 2003

what have you set the power options to in the bios?

  snoresloudly 20:49 03 Sep 2003

Sorry if I offended you, I know how hard it is to get a homemade pc up and running first go, have you tested the memory? but also still inclined to suspect either the cpu or the bios settings as per JOMI reply, have you also checked (with the case off) that the all the fans are running when you switch on? in particular the cpu?

  Jomi 20:58 03 Sep 2003

If you've onboard graphics you can try taking the gainward card out and eliminate that easily.

If you have a suitable ram chip available you can easily eliminate that too.

My head is still saying BIOS though.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:09 03 Sep 2003

Have been unable to connect for a while.

Wapped out my old Thunderbird 1.4 Athlon and stuck it in the Asus M/baord and its running currently formatting HDD for XP installation.

It is a bit slow though.

I am also running the machine with no Floppy drive attached and just the HDD on primary master & DVD drive on Secondary master.

So its am now confident either the CPU is a dodgy XP2400 (2GHz) or the Floppy drive is dodgy.

After format will connect Floppy. Leaving the Older CPU intact.

Sorry if my spelling is awfull but Win95 pc and the web and my typing speed just carn't hack the pace. Me actually faster than keyboard to screen eh!.

So I take it I have illuminated the CPU to be a dodgy one. There is no other answer apart from CPU or the floppy drive.

  Jean-Luc Picard 23:25 03 Sep 2003

Have you got another psu you can try to eliminate this.

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