New build no post...yet again!

  *Silver*Hawk* 16:39 29 Dec 2004

Hello all, Just built a new system which was an amd athlon 64 3000 754 pin and I think an MSI K8T mother board. All installed, pressed the power switch and nothing, just the fans spinning, no post beep and the monitor just stays black. All I know is, the mother board seems to be working fine and I dont think the gfx card is the problem as I removed it and the same problem occurs. I have an MSI Bracket diagnostics and it came up with four red lights, which means a possible damaged or not installed properly processor. I definately installed it correctly as it fit in nice and snug and the heatsink went on perfect. Do you think I should get a refund on the processor?

  ^wave^ 16:47 29 Dec 2004

have you checked the compatability of the mother board

  *Silver*Hawk* 16:48 29 Dec 2004

they came in a motherboard kit. Don't think that would be an issue. but thanks for the suggestion.

  Pamy 16:50 29 Dec 2004

Hello Silver Hawk,

sorry you have not got a reply yet again. Perhaps no one has an answer to your question, but if you think the CPU is the problem , then yes take it back.


  *Silver*Hawk* 16:55 29 Dec 2004

hi, I didn't mean no one replied, I mean this always seems to be a problem on the help forum. ;) Will take it back tomorrow. Thanks.

  Pamy 16:55 29 Dec 2004

sorry Silver Hawk about no reply yet again , mis read your title. Still think you should take it back.


  The Spires 17:33 29 Dec 2004

I don't want to insult your intelligence but have you have connected the centre CPU power connector, I omitted this once.

  *Silver*Hawk* 17:59 29 Dec 2004

Hey the spires, everyone else. I was pretty ignorant actually. I have finally connected the cpu power connector lol, but at least I didn't read your post "the spires" before I done that. Hehe, how stupid of me. Anyway, it finally got past the four red lights and now it had 1 green and three red, which I hadn't a clue, but in the end figured it out and it came down to a faulty stick of ram, so took it out and used the other one, so going to get a refund on the other stick. anyway it all booted up and posted, and I forgot to plug the power into the dvd drive. Anyway, thanks for all your help. The system should run really well now.

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