new build, no boot, no beeps

  brigtoo 16:27 23 Dec 2004

have just completed new build. all fans run when pc switched on, a flash of light from rear lan port, no beeps and no signal to monitor. i am assuming fault(s) to be m/board(no beeps). any other ideas before returning m/board.
gigabyte 7nf-rz, sempron 2300+ cpu, 1 x corsair 512 ddr 333 pc2700, saphire radeon 9200se g/card

  *Silver*Hawk* 16:29 23 Dec 2004

didnt by any chance buy your gfx card from watford electronics did you? I had exactly the same problem and it was the gfx card's fault. take it out and switch pc on see if there are any beeps. if yes, then replace the card. If no then try taking out other components one by one and see if you hear beeps.

  *Silver*Hawk* 16:30 23 Dec 2004

I had the same card too...

  georgemac 16:45 23 Dec 2004

what type and rating of psu - try disconnecting everything - only have the m/b, cpu, ram & graphics card powered and see if you can get post

does the motherboard have a 4 pin 12 volt connecter for powering the cpu?

  Dorsai 16:51 23 Dec 2004

My guess.

AGP card not plugged in fully. Been there done that, sort of thing. New boards always seem to have a very stiff AGP slot. The card does not go all the way in, and the partially inserted AGP card prevents the PC from POSTing, and even giving a beep code. The first thing i would do is to press on the agp card gently (with the retaining screw removed) with one hand on each end, and gently press, alternating the pressure from one end to the other. Hopefully it will suddenly 'slip into place'.

AGP cards have two rows of electrical contacts one above the other. If the card is not fully inserted, it wont work. The duel row of contacts can easily been seen click here and in theory the 'gold' bit at the bottom should disappear from sight inside the slot on the board. If you can still see any of the gold contacts the card is only part way in.

  Gongoozler 17:40 23 Dec 2004

Another possibility. Check that the CMOS reset link hasn't been left in the reset position, and if it hasn't, put it in that position for a few seconds before returning it to Normal. If all the other suggestions fail, unplug EVERYTHING from the motherboard except the power supply, processor with heatsink, case speaker and power switch. Try another reboot and you should get a POST error beep (because of no memory or graphics card). If there's still no POST beep, unscrew the motherboard from the case and rest it on a sheet of card or other insulating material and try again. If you still have no joy, the fault has to be in the motherboard, processor or power supply.

  brigtoo 18:14 23 Dec 2004

thanks for all the suggestions, they will give me a starting point. will report on results.

  dan 11 18:20 23 Dec 2004

Or you could have the reset switch wired the wrong way round. This would make the fans spin up and momentary flash from the lan light, before it goes back in a circle.

Gongoozler's reset switch is always a good one to check first.

  Gongoozler 10:30 24 Dec 2004

brigtoo, regarding the first sentence of your first posting. I don't think lan ports should flash! Has something there shorted out?

  [email protected] 11:40 24 Dec 2004

is the PC speaker in the case plugged into the board. You will not hear any POST beeps if it is not, even if it is doing them.

  brigtoo 17:23 29 Dec 2004

problem caused by badly seated cpu.
thanks for everybodies time and help

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