New build, network problem now.

  Stowit 19:12 10 Apr 2004

With help I've assembled an MSI P4 MAM-L mobo, Pentium 4 2.8 CPU, some bits from my old PC, & got it running like a computer. I have a wireless router/modem, & a PCI adaptor that taks the PCMCIA card to network with my other PCs & share a BB connection....... or should say did in my old set-up. Now in device manager my 'other device - network controller' is highlighted as driver not installed. It's not named as 'Belkin' -the manufacture. If I delete it & add new hardware it sees the Belkin card instals it, but then finds this network controller reinstalls it & says no driver again. The mobo has Via chipset & I've installed one lot of network type software from them that cured a previous anomaly in other devices. I've tried all the drivers I've got & some down loaded ones (Belkin, Via, MSI, no avail. I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Removing the PCI card clears device manager. Reinstaling & searching for the driver says 'Windows cannot find PCI Network controller driver. Pressing help just tells me to look on Windows disc & it isn't on my windows disc (ME) I'm missing something, but a day of failed driver searches & the toing & froing to my friends' to collect the next effort burnt to CD, IM shot. Any help very much appreciated.

  AndySD 20:21 10 Apr 2004

Try removing the card and reboot the pc. Check there is nothing in add/remove programs. (remove the adapter from the card) Turn the pc off and install the card . Boot the pc and let it load the drivers. Turn off the pc and insert the card. Hopefully it will now ask for the drivers...these are the card drivers you will need to install.

  Stowit 22:08 10 Apr 2004

Thanks for the advice, but I think I've tried every add/remove combination of software/hardware. Perhaps after a day of rest some of the mental fog will clear but I've lost count of the times it's been in & out. I believe I've not got the 'network adaptor' driver, is this some Via thing from the mobo chipset or Belkin thing? It doesn't refer to the network adaptor as Belkin what-so-ever. I'm stumped & knackard.

  Stowit 09:08 12 Apr 2004

Thanks Andy, I'm just about to search/post again, a day away & your advice may have offered a solution. My HDD was off my old PC & already had the software on it. Although I thought I'd installed by the book, I've not ensured all the software was removed first & this has probably confused issues. Next issue removing the software, as Add/Remove programs can't find an installation log file & won't uninstall! I'll beggar about a bit more & see how I go on!

  AndySD 09:38 12 Apr 2004

After reading the belkin install manual try install the card without the belkin adapter. Let windows load the drivers reboot run the belkin drivers exe

The installer will start. You will see a progress screen. Go to the next step.

Next, you will see an introduction screen. Click “Next” to continue with the
installation of the Card.

When the software installation is complete, you will see a screen prompting
you to finish. Click “Finish”.
Windows 98SE or Me users: You may be asked to restart the computer. Let the computer restart before going to the next step.

With your computer ON, insert the Card,

After inserting your Card, Windows will detect that new hardware has been installed. Depending on which version of Windows you are using, a window will appear. Select the option that will
automatically install the software.

When the installation is complete, you will see a screen prompting you to
finish. Click “Finish”. Restart the PC.

  Stowit 10:04 12 Apr 2004

I think you found the nub initialy I'm struggling to completely remove the software before starting afresh. I'm just seeking 'clean-up' advice then will start again! (hopefully It'll go to plan then)

  AndySD 10:26 12 Apr 2004

click here Regseeker use the Clean the Registry make sure you tick Backup before deletion. To delete an entry right click on it and chooes delete.

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