New Build / MOBO Specification No Graphics?

  Ex plorer 13:04 21 Jan 2006

Hi some time ago I was asking about building my first PC.
I now have loads of info thanks to this site.
I now have a Foxconn Case its bigger than I expected as It has room for 7 card slots.

Q, The only thing I am not sure about is the MOBO after looking around and trying to compare I see in the specifications on many MOBOs it says No Graphics and others no mention if they have Graphics or not.

I am going for an AMD Athlon 64 3200 processor and am confident about the build.

Q,How difficult is the fitting of the Processor.

I have removed a MOBO with processor and put them into a different case but never fitted a processor.
I do realy want to do the lot rather than buy MOBO with Processor attached.

Any one wanting to point me to a reasonable MOBO for around £55 £70 then I would be very grateful.
The PC is only for every day use and the wanting to build my own.

I supose there must be a sight some where so that I can buy all the bits an bobs to make sure they talk to each other.


  Totally-braindead 13:37 21 Jan 2006

If you haven't already bought the processor get a retail one because it comes with the heatsink and fan and already has thermal paste on it. It also comes with instructions. click here get a socket 939 processor as this is the newer socket and for the motherboard get a good make one. There are hundreds here are some I would consider but it depends what you want click here has on board graphics and a PCI Express slot for adding a graphics card later and has SATA if you later decide to use SATA drives. click here as above but does not have onboard graphics and would immediatly need a graphics card, also PCI Express, also has RAID. click here also has SATA, RAID PCI Express needs a graphics card and theres many more. Buy memory from Crucial once you decide on your motherboard click here

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