New build house has phone sockets but cat5 cable

  hdjmings1 00:01 31 Mar 2018

Hello all my first post

Im new to home networking/home server, my house has phone sockets in living room, one by my front door (i think this is main plug if i had virgin phone line) have one socket in each bedroom too.

When i took the faceplate off they seem to have cat5 cable, i want to replace the phone faceplate with ethernet faceplate.

Now in living room behind the faceplate there are 2 cables (cat5), the one by the door is just a loop (looks like if i had a socket there it would be cut to make 2 cables), in one bedroom there is 2 cables and in other bedroom there is only one cable

I want to have ethernet in each room how could i use this existing cable in my network?

I have a windows home server in my shed/office where ethernet comes from the virgin router (in house) to a switch (in shed) to the rest of the network

Any help would be much appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:52 31 Mar 2018

Can you poast pictures of what is behind each face plate?

  hdjmings1 16:11 31 Mar 2018

  hdjmings1 16:12 31 Mar 2018

hope this helps

  alanrwood 16:13 31 Mar 2018

Those are not ethernet cables. They are normal internal phone wiring. You can't use them for networking.

  hdjmings1 16:43 31 Mar 2018

Oh my mistake they had same 4pair as eithernet (so i thought) so thought it was cat5 thank you for clearing up

  wee eddie 17:10 31 Mar 2018

Investigate Homeplug. Should be suitable for your situation

  alanrwood 09:48 01 Apr 2018

Although they have 4 pairs they are not all used so there are spare pairs if a fault occurs within the wall wiring.

  hdjmings1 11:38 01 Apr 2018

Thank you all for your help, might put new runs in ill speek with the boss if not ill look into homeplug

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