New build computer - No bootable devices

  ScottTurner 06:44 01 Oct 2014

OK, iv searched high and low on numerous forums for a solution to the problem that i am having, and none of the many many suggested fixes or step by step guides i found have not got me any further than i got myself. So im going to have to create another thread

First of all these are the components i have in case they help in solving this

I bought a motherboard, CPU and ram bundle consisting of...

MSI 760gm-p23 fx motherboard

AMD fx 4130 quad core processor

Kingston Hyper X khx1333c9d3b1/4g

I also got a DVD-RW drive and a 1TB hard drive, probably goes without saying these days but there both connected using SATA cables and not IDE, if this even matters.

Now the computer boots up and comes to the page where it says..

Please select a boot device

The only device listed in this section is the DVD drive

Upon pressing enter the message..

No bootable device, press any key to go back

This takes you back to the Please select a boot device page.

Now iv looked in the BIOS and the hard drive does show up in the boot order so there is no problem there, iv also tried changing the order they boot to every possible combination to no avail. i have also tried a spare hard drive and DVD drive that i know work fine and the same problem occurs.

Now by this point there is probably a que of you waiting to tell me i need to install the operating system on the new hard drive because that's what solves this problem in alot of cases, however, if i insert the windows 7 disc, i still get the 'No bootable device, press any key to go back' message, and the disc will not start, i even tried an old vista and even XP disc to see if the disc had some damage i couldn't see but this made no difference.

I'm probably missing something obvious as the parts cant be bad if known working parts give the same results, just hoping someone knows what i need to do next.

I may have missed something obvious that iv already tried and if so i apologize in advance.

Thanks for reading and hope you can help me.

  BRYNIT 08:21 01 Oct 2014

When you put the OS DVD into the drive and reboot the computer do you hear the DVD drive spinning?

Sometime you may see a message asking you to press any key to boot from the DVD? if you do not press any key it will not boot from the DVD.

  ScottTurner 08:27 01 Oct 2014

the dvd drive is spinning, and it does not give the option to boot from the disc, just runs through to the "Please select a boot device" page and selecting the DVD drive with the disc in or out gives the "No bootable device, press any key to go back" page

  alanrwood 09:18 01 Oct 2014

Are all the SATA ports enabled in the bios.

In the BIOS are the hard drive and DVD drive both recognised and listed. Set the boot order in the BIOS as DVD drive first and insert the OS disk in it then try and reboot. What happens?

Have you tried another hard drive as if the current one is faulty the OS can't be installed or even the drive enabled.

Do you have a drive caddy which you could connect to another computer and check the drive is OK and enabled. It does not need to be formatted at this stage as its presence should be recognised. You could create partitions at this stage if you wish and then format the first partition. If all is OK try the install of the OS from the start again.

  SparkyJack 09:46 01 Oct 2014

Ensure the 'boot priority' is sett to HDD first. Depending in which BIOS is there some still look for 'floppy' first, as default.

As there isnt one it may just stick. '

  rtp8™ 10:34 01 Oct 2014

As you bought motherboard, CPU and ram as a bundle( they were normally checked before sending out) & checked with a known working DVD, HDD but ended in same result indicating no faulty hardwares there.

(1).I'd suggest you trying new(or known working ones) SATA cables, including SATA2/3 ones, I encountered a similar although not exactly the same problem lately cured by using a different cable.


(2).before trying new cables, swap the existing ones & plug them into different SATA ports , start setup process again.

  Jollyjohn 13:30 01 Oct 2014

Puzzled by this one but suspect BIOS settings are not quite right. You could try "Load Fail Safe Defaults" Save and reboot..

If this makes no difference then in the BIOS double check the HDD and DVD drive really are being detected. HDD should be on SATA0 and DVD SATA1

If you select your HDD and press enter the BIOS should return details about the drive.

Look in the motherboard manual for BIOS sata/ide settings and double check sata is enabled and not set to RAID

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 01 Oct 2014
  ScottTurner 19:02 01 Oct 2014

It doesnt matter what the boot order is, i still get the no bootable devices message on screen.

Iv also tried different sata ports and different cables, still no difference.

I think my BIOS is diffence to the ones mentioned. V17.15 if that helps, i say this because in bios the first option is 'Boot Sequence' which is set to [SATA:3M-Hitach] - HDD [CD/DVD:4M-HL-D] - DVD [2.2TB Infinity] - Not sure what this is but when booting a logo that says this is one of the pages before i get the no boot device page.

However, no matter which of the 3 is top of the list it doesn't work.

This version doesnt have a page to say weather the ports are enabled or not as someone mentioned.

I tried load fail safe defaults, this made no difference either, also, all i got with the motherboard was a set up manual, nothing else. So i cant check fore the BIOS sata/ide settings or double check sata is enabled and not set to RAID

Any other thoughts?

  ScottTurner 20:36 01 Oct 2014

that link is no good either because iv looked at it closely and i cant figure out any of it relating to what i have to work with.

  bumpkin 21:21 01 Oct 2014

OK then, if you have access to another pc then download a linux O/S and burn to a cd or dvd as an ISO file. See if that will boot otherwise I would be looking at hardware. The cd/dvd drive being first in line.

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