A new build for Battlefield 1

  Stuart Hammett 13:54 08 Apr 2017

Im looking to build a new PC so i can play Battlefield 1 effortlessly. Ive had a look on one website who i feel are good in value. Am i able to get the cost any cheaper with similar results ?

  Archonar 09:31 10 Apr 2017

Effortlessly isn't really a description that helps us. Do you want to be running it at ultra graphics or are you willing to sacrifice to slightly lower graphics to save some money?

Looking at that picture, you have missed the graphics card from the screenshot which doesn't help, but you don't need an i7 to game, i7's are only really needed for video editing or other equally processor demanding roles. An i5 will do it just fine, in fact most high end gaming builds include i5's. That way you save yourself £100 or more so I would look into that if I were you. If you could let me know the graphics card then I will let you know, but as a reference I have a gtx 1060 and run it at ultra graphics without a hitch (around 90fps at 1080p), and it will do around 60fps at 1440p. If you're at 4K then a 1070 or 1080 is needed.

I would also look into an SSD for your windows install, its definitely not necessary but a 10 second boot time is always appreciated. You can get a 128gb ssd for around £50 if you're interested.

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