New to BT Yahoo Broadband

  exdragon 13:42 17 Dec 2004

Hi - I've just connected this and wonder if someone could help with the following:

In an earlier post, several people said they switched BB off when they weren't using their PCs - how?

How do I continue to use Outlook 2002 instead of Yahoo? If I try to send emails from this prog, I am prompted to connect via the previous BT Anytime dial up number.

In Yahoo browser/settings/internet options, it shows my dial up modem and BT Anytime dial up number - do I need to change anything here?

Thanks in advance - I'm still fumbling my way around it.

  Technotiger 13:47 17 Dec 2004

Hi, to disconnect (turn-off) BTBB, you ahould have a small icon on your taskbar bottom-right of screen, right-click on it and I believe you will then have the option to disconnect. Not totally sure cos mine is different, although I do have BTBB.

  exdragon 14:22 17 Dec 2004

Thanks, the pair of you, but I don't have anything in the system tray which refers to either BB or connection

  iambeavis 14:50 17 Dec 2004

If you're using a speed touch modem go to Start>All Programs>Speed Touch Dial-up and, there, you should find a disconnect option. Barring that - Control Panel>Network connections and right click BT Yahoo Broadband then disconnect.

  exdragon 14:59 17 Dec 2004

It isn't the basic one, and I've just realised my emails which are in Yahoo are also in Outlook Express. I've rung BT, who say they don't support Outlook as it a Microsoft product, but the chap told me that if I checked the 'My server requires outgoing SMTP authentication' option, I'd be able to use it. I still get the dial up dialogue box, though, so can't use it.

The oly BB icons I have in the system tray are for Yahoo Browser, Messenger and Help - am I missing something?

  iambeavis 15:14 17 Dec 2004

As you appear to have two different numbers, you need to configure "Outlook" to look for the correct one.

  iambeavis 15:16 17 Dec 2004

Have you tried going into "Network Connections" and setting BT BB as the default connection.

  exdragon 16:20 17 Dec 2004

iambeavis, I thought you'd got it then, setting BB as default, but I still get the Anytime connection box, with no choice of what to connect via.

Should I have removed my dial up modem in System/Device Manager? And do I need to remove any reference to the dial up number?

  iambeavis 16:32 17 Dec 2004

Go into "Network Connections" right click the BB icon and choose properties.

On the general tab you will probably have two entries - one for BB and one for dial up - make sure that the BB is ticked and dial-up is unticked.

  iambeavis 16:41 17 Dec 2004

Don't remove the modem, you may need it to get online if your BB connection goes AWOL, just remove the software.

  iambeavis 16:45 17 Dec 2004

I forgot to mention, unplug the modem to prevent any dialers installing themselves.

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