New BT pricings.

  astronomer2 16:31 25 Mar 2004

Have I got this right? The new BT pricings announced this week will phase out 1p/minute local call charges in favour of 5.5p/hr all calls.

I use my BT phone line almost soley for e-mail connections, perhaps three or four times each evening but only for a few seconds at a time.

With automatic disconnection after send/receive on Outlook Express 6, are the new BT charges going to increase my phone bill to the extent I think they will?

Any thoughts on the matter? Can OE be configured to disconnect after an hour?

  stlucia 16:49 25 Mar 2004

Sounds like part of a conspiracy to drive us to BB!

  blanco 16:57 25 Mar 2004

I've got a feeling that BT PAYG charges for a minumum 5 min connection, in which case it's not going to make much difference.
Although now on Broadband I keep the BT dial up going for emergencies and because some mail still comes that route.

  astronomer2 16:59 25 Mar 2004

To me it seems more of a stealthy way of extracting more cash now that it is so much cheaper to send e-mail at local call rates rather than talk on the phone.

I am getting increasingly cynical in my old age when it comes to utility companies trying to 'save' the punter's hard-earned cash :)

It dont happen that way!

Not wishing to offend, but why keep dial for "some mail [that still comes] that route"?

Any email server can be configured to work with Broadband and if you have an ISP that provides "Emergency" dial up numbers should BB go down (as Nildram) then no problems

  pj123 17:44 25 Mar 2004

astronomer2. That wasn't how I read it. My paper this morning said that BT were dropping their call charges to below what their competitors are charging. A pinch of salt is needed here. BT competitors will now, obviously, re-negotiate their bulk "line time" contracts with BT and drop their prices below BT again. It may take a little while to come in to effect but it looks like the start of another price war to me. I don't think it will affect me (at the moment)as I am with NTL anyway and their prices are way below BTs now.

  citadel 18:30 25 Mar 2004

I think they are reducing the cost of calls but putting up the line rental cost.

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