New BT fusion hub keeps dropping connection

  puma22 09:31 21 Jan 2006

Hi, i had a d-link modem router and with kind help from people on here set this up very nicely.
I have replaced this with a BT fusion hub (router/modem). The speed is excellent and a lot faster thant the d-link. However, it drops the broadband connection and also will not let me access certain sites. (i couldnt get on here for 2 days).
My set up is one PC XP2. The connection is wireless throgh a d-link usb thingy.
When the broadband drops, a hover over the little icon on the task bar tells me that signal strength is either excellnet or v. good and that it is connected. But IE wont connect to any web page and i cannot download or check e-mail.
Have fiddled with this and find that if i unplug the router, plug back in it works for a few hours OK. Also repairing connection also helps for a while, but normally for not as long.

Going to network conections on pc, it shows a broadband connection but says that it is not connected. When i try to connect i get error 678 remote computer did not answer connection.

Before hanging on the albeit free help line, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  puma22 10:50 21 Jan 2006

Thanks for the link. I'm not sure what this means. Is the remote computer my broadband service providers computer?

  puma22 12:11 21 Jan 2006

De Marcus, not to worry! Thanks for the new link, but I'm not sure that it is the wireless connection as when the broadband connection drops, the wireless connection icon still tells me that i have excellent signal strength and it is connected (to the router i presume).
I am now in even more diffiulties though!
I called the 'help' line and was asked to change form WPA to WEP. The connection dropped immediatley. I have now connected via the ethernet, so thats Ok, but cannot get the wirelss to connect. Have put the original settings back into the router but thsi didnt work. Any suggestions from here would be greatly appreciated!

  puma22 16:01 21 Jan 2006

Thaks for the links. I have now got it all working (fingers crossed). I was advised by the helpline to change the setting on the router to shared, but have found that changing it to open enables me to connect wirelessly.
Have changed the channel as you suggested and moved the router slightly. It does not at them moment seem to be dropping the signal,
thanks again

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