New browsers for weepy Nicky

  NickyK 21:15 20 Dec 2004

I've been crying all evening because I am so fed up with AOL and the thing that runs AOL (IE6?). Dinner ruined cos of it. I am now so annoyed that it is just as well that I have calmed down and won't be flaming (mum's just given me my pills).

How do I use Firefox?

I really need an utter-idiot's guide for this one. I so don't get it yet.

Would somebody please tell this silly how to use Firefox, and set it up for simple things like "Search on Buffy"?

Really hopeless.


Oh, and PS. I so hate IE and AOL.


  VoG II 21:18 20 Dec 2004

A bit of an over-reaction maybe? No, you mentioned AOL - I might weep as well. In fact I nearly did when trying to help a friend with it.

Anyway, take a deep breath and click here

  iambeavis 21:20 20 Dec 2004

The search bar is at the top right and, if you click on the icon at the left hand edge, the drop-down box gives you a choice of search engines. Does that help?

  NickyK 22:08 20 Dec 2004

Responses to the above: Maybe.

You have to understand that I am exceptionally uniteligent.

Okay, maybe overreact coz blah blah, but that doesn't mean it doesn't annoy me.

All I really wanna know is how to use Firefox. I really, honestly am far too thick to work it out by myself.

Oh, and yes, I still hate AOL.

  mark2 22:31 20 Dec 2004

When I had AOL I had to open and connect with AOL , minimise it, then run my browser of choice, You can also get the google toolbar for firefox from click here

  NickyK 22:40 20 Dec 2004

mark2 - I think I almost understand. But does this mean I have to dump AOL? They are my provider (skimming on IE6).

Simply don't know how to use Firefox with AOL. Guess too stoopid.

  iambeavis 22:44 20 Dec 2004

Try this - Tools>Options>General and in there is the option to set Firefox as your default browser.

  VoG II 22:44 20 Dec 2004

Start AOL.

Minimise it.

Srart Firefox.

  NickyK 22:47 20 Dec 2004

I think I will resolve this because other people have more important problems than silly me.

And, a naughty invader-cat has just shat under the bed of my enemy.

Too tired to be witty, but thanks for the help for a dumb-bell called me.

  NickyK 22:50 20 Dec 2004

Oh, and yes, I will try the above suggestions. Thanks.

  kev.Ifty 22:56 20 Dec 2004

You ain't stupid! You are just trying to learn...

Have you got Fire Fox on your PC? If not get it here click here

If you have, can you open it?

To search, just put your topic in the search tool bar.

Use the TOOLS option at the top of the Fire Fox browser to set your preferences.

More info may help us to help you.

:-) Kev.

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