New browser window and scripts?

  [DELETED] 10:25 06 Mar 2006

Hi I have a site which has a members area which is password protected. This all works fine. Problem is thisprotected area allows a user to go back and forth etc in browser and after closer inspection one could navigate away to say bbc site. You could then hit back in browser and get back to the password protectedarea without a prompt for username and password. Does anyone know some code or a way round this problem. The website will be viewed in schools and colleges and on open machines ie. no specific logons and therfore the back function could give a non specified user the potential to view the area, all the data is annonymous but even so I don't want this happening. any ideas??

  [DELETED] 10:24 07 Mar 2006

I got this back from my host -
You need to have a script with a session id so that you can time out the session after x amount of time after they left the site.

You may find an examples in google of "login authentication session id" etc
The problem is they have set the simple password protect up, so I am assuming I can't do anything my end?

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