New Browser ?!

  Furkin 08:47 11 Mar 2010

ACER T120 DeskTop- XPpro- SP3- IE8- 2gb RAM (max)

After yesterday Updates, I was invited to consider other browsers at start up today.

I have only ever used I.E & been pretty satisfied overall. Since updateing to IE8 tho', my machine does run just a bit slower & it dosn't have the usual SpellChecker/s. (I did try the IE7 one, but it came with too much baggage [unless I did sommat wrong])

Not life threatening, but I was wondering what the pro's & con's are for each of the featured ones.

I can't remember what they were now (Bing wasn't amongst them), so will write them down next time I boot up.

  Furkin 08:52 11 Mar 2010

Google Chrome (tried it - don't like it) + Opera + Flock + Safari + Maxthon + Firefox + Flashpeak + K-Melean + Avant + Green
+ Sleipnir

  rawprawn 08:53 11 Mar 2010

IE 8 Spell Checlick here,
Firefox,Google Chrome and Opera are the ones I can remember.
I use IE 8 as Default because it happens to be the one I prefer, but I have Firefox installed and occasionally use that. You can happily install more than one browser.

  birdface 09:47 11 Mar 2010

Try this it will speed up your Browsing with Internet Explorer.

click here

Make sure Ad-blocker is ticked and Mini Download manager is unticked if you decide to use it.

  Belfix 10:31 11 Mar 2010

How can I "hide" this update for Vista. I definitely don't want it as I had trouble with the XP update on 2 machines. I know I can choose to hide updates on XP but cannot find it for Vista.
Any ideas?

  interzone55 10:33 11 Mar 2010

In the windows update screen right click on any unwanted updates and select Hide Update

  Woolwell 12:59 11 Mar 2010

Chrome is probably the quickest but the new version of Opera is quick too. You cannot add toolbars to Chrome and some are not available for Opera. I find Firefox to be slightly more memory hungry probably due to the toolbars and add-ons. I find opening a new tab in IE8 to be slightly slow. On balance I prefer Firefox. I have tried Safari but didn't particularly like it and it also tried to download Itunes and another prog unless you unchecked the boxes.

  interzone55 13:57 11 Mar 2010

For my personal needs Google Chrome is perfect, I particularly like the Incognito mode which allow you to open a page in a tab that doesn't retain cookies or form information. Perfect for online banking transactions.

I like the fact that there's little in the way of add-ons for Chrome, it keeps the interface clean and maximises the area available for web pages, which after all is the job of a web browser is it not.

Some people like Opera, and I've tried several versions but none of them it the spot the way Chrome does, and I used to swear by Firefox when it opened in a millisecond and used a tine amount of RAM, but then it succumbed to bloat and became a serious memory hog.

Lastly Internet Explorer, I must confess to quite liking IE8, and I sometimes use it at work for the pages on our Intranet that refuse to open in Chrome (not that many actually) I find IE8 to be much better than IE7, but it still isn't as fast as Chrome...

  rizlo29 14:07 11 Mar 2010

Download google toolbar if you want a spell checker. And maybe the new version of Ie has bugs? Or maybe it just uses more of your CPU?

PS I would use FireFox. Its much safer and it's easy to tweak to speed it up :)

  DieSse 15:05 11 Mar 2010

"(Bing wasn't amongst them)"

Because Bing is not a browser - it's a search engine.

  Furkin 08:40 18 Mar 2010

Thanks guys.
It looks like just down to personal choice then, with no definitive Yes or No.
I tried Chrome when it came out, but my machine kept freezing.

I also tried IE7Pro (as recommended on here) mainly for the Spell checker. Mostly it worked o.k apart from being american,,,, but sometimes it would underline a word, but give no alternative.

For the moment, I think i'll stick with IE8.

I'm considering updating my machine - either internals (M.B > cpu which would also mean new RAM) or maybe a Bare Bones kit to utilise my other bits'n'bobs etc. So may look into this again then.

Thanks for your help.

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