new broadband speed

  darthballs 10:44 13 Dec 2007

i've just upgraded my virgin broadband ( yeah i know, virgin, but they came out with a good package!!) from 4mb to 20mb, i was hoping to get at least10, maybe 12, but currently getting5.5 t0 6 tops.
at the mo, the modem is plugged in via usb to usb. if i use the lan to lan (the pc says it as sis900 base pci fast internet adaptor) does anyone reckon this might help speed things up before i start whinging to virgin staff that try to mug me off!?!?!


  darthballs 11:57 13 Dec 2007

for the links guyz, ive only had the upgrade since yesterday, but i've got an engineer out te end of next week to install the tele v-box thingy, so if its slow still, i can mention it to him. i know its virgin, and ive seen lots of bad stuff about them, but i never had any reason to complain with my 4mb, so i'll give it chance yet.

my upload speeds not so bad, about 90-100 kbs, but that dont help much!!!

  darthballs 12:45 13 Dec 2007

yeah i thought that might be worth a try, pointless asking their online staff!

currently got a motorola sb5100, good modem , but probably a bit out dated, now, had it 4 years


  Killo Bite 13:34 18 Jan 2008

My view, Better chipsets give better performance. I am not saying Sis chipsets don't work on Lan but using a Intel or VIA you will see a more responsive connection.

Talking speed, having good telephone connections in the house is the main importance, using ext phone cables are limiting. Rule is connect to a main socket or the main socket.

  darthballs 08:41 19 Jan 2008

when the engineer came out to install te v=box, te spedd went up, something to do with having the v+box in, my speeds are on average around 13-16, getting 18 at the most from when i've checked, but it does seem to slow down a lot more at peak times than when i was on 4meg, but on the whole, fairly happy with it

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