New on broadband and ie can't load pages

  kinger 18:45 17 May 2004

A friend has just gone on to NTL Broadband.

Ever since he went live ie browser will look at the first page with no problems but will state 'page cannot be viewed off line ... connect?'

On trying to connect it states that there is no available connection to the Internet.

But only there IS but the browser can't find it, or rather, loses it after viewing the first page.

The only way to get it working again is to reboot the PC or switch the modem off and on again.

Then, first page is fine and the same thing happens all over again.

NTL tell him that his PC is faulty but it was fine before Broadband.

Any idea's anyone?

  johnnyrocker 18:50 17 May 2004

clearly it would appear to not be set up properly for broadband have a look at the settings in internet options and network connection settings.


  kinger 18:56 17 May 2004

I am on the phone to him now regarding network settings.

His Internet Options seem OK but nothing to do with NTL is appearing on his network page.

I have BT Broadband appear in mine but his is blank.

Maybe NTL use different settings?

  kinger 19:33 17 May 2004

He is using win98.

Is broadband setup on 98 the same procedure as win xp?

  kinger 21:27 17 May 2004


  AndySD 21:34 17 May 2004

In internet properties choose connectiond and tick never dial

  kinger 21:39 17 May 2004

It's ok, NTL told my friend to reformat his drive and reinstall Windows.

Let's put it this way, I'm now expecting a lot more 'phone calls over the next few hours (smile).

I do, however, wish that support lines wouldn't keep blaming the customers PC when it was working perfectly before NTL installed broadband.

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