new to broadband

  Dasmad 09:19 12 Jan 2008

I've just got a 512 adsl connection, and it seems to be working fine, but I am unable to send email via my previous dial-up provider. I think I have made suitable changes in my accounts, but is there something they have to change - I haven't yet cancelled my subscription ?

  MAJ 09:27 12 Jan 2008

To send mail via a provider, other than your present provider, you will have to change the old smtp server to your new provider's smtp server in your old email account's properties. Be aware though, some providers wont allow this (some do). Normally you can receive mail okay, but must be connected to the old provider's line in order to send mail.

  Technotiger 09:29 12 Jan 2008

Hi, and welcome to the best Forum on the net - also, welcome to the 'Fast-lane', once you are up and running of course!

We need more information in order to offer advice - Your OS for starters, plus your ISP, what email program you are using, whether you have a Modem or Router and what make etc.

Then I am sure plenty of members here will be able to assist you.

  Dasmad 18:21 26 Jan 2008

thanks for the advice Techno, and I realise that some additonal ifno might be needed, but MAJ's hint actually sorted me out for this one ! meanwhile I'm now struggling with a wireless router - thanks again

  Fingees 18:49 26 Jan 2008

If you're now on broadband with a different provider.

You will be able to send and receive your Emails from old provider.
However it is far easier if you want to keep your old Email addresses working, to have a pay as you go account with them

This enables you to connect via your old modem on dial up about once per couple of months. By doing this it will keep your old account open.
Else some providers close accounts after 90 days of none use., as they are obviously not getting any revenue.

  Dasmad 19:07 27 Jan 2008

thanks for the help chaps, and I must apologise for not getting back to the subject straight away, due to other problems !

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