New Blu Vivo 6 charging incredibly slowly

  NinjaSandvich 18:59 30 Aug 2017

I just received my new Blu Vivo 6 smartphone today, and eagerly plugged it in to charge so I could set everything up.

After waiting about 30 minutes, I tried it and it only had about 6% charge! I thought this could be the socket I was using, as it was off a 1 - 4 extension thing (turns one socket into 4) and so I moved the charger to its own socket and I waited 4 minutes, after which it had gained only 1% charge!

This is incredibly infuriating, as this means it will make 400 minutes for it to be fully charged... I have also thought it could be the cable, but I have no way of testing this as I do not have a second type-c cable.

Any help would be great.

  NinjaSandvich 19:01 30 Aug 2017

Just another note, I was wondering, could this be because it is this phone's first charge, and subsequent ones after this first full charge will be quicker?

  wee eddie 20:45 30 Aug 2017

I have to ask. Is this your first piece of battery powered equipment?

  wee eddie 01:44 31 Aug 2017

You need to expect charging times of between 2 and 5 hours

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