New AVG 7 & Outlook Problem?

  Djohn 00:52 11 Nov 2004

Hi guys,

Installed version 7 tonight using the default settings and all seems to be fine except for the notification message when using Outlook 2003.

In Outlook Express the scanned by.... message appears at the bottom of a test mail as it should, if I do the same test Using Outlook 2003 the message is not displayed but shown as an attachment that when clicked on, opens in notepad.

Do I need to alter a setting in AVG or in Outlook? I have had a good look through the help sections of both applications but can't see the answer. :o(

  Rtus 01:01 11 Nov 2004

it may be possible it not the default outlook maybe hence it gets attached !guessing there though!!LOL. ..oddly though Ive just installed a friends unit with XP & AVG7 & its ok but it doesnt declare anything when recieving mail from that unit..Whereas another mates does.

  Djohn 01:18 11 Nov 2004

Thanks, but already tried Setting Outlook as the default but still the same :o(

  Lionheart ? 08:42 11 Nov 2004

Is the AVG MS Plugin installed, you will find it in the Control Center double click E-Mail scanner.

  Lionheart ? 08:50 11 Nov 2004

Got to go out, check back later, to see how you got on.

  Djohn 10:59 11 Nov 2004

Double clicking on the email scanner which is showing as "Fully functional". Installed plugins window shows, "Personal email scanner" (the drop down menu does not offer any alternative).

Ignore plugin status is unchecked and radio dot is in "Use the shared test configuration".

Clicking on configure shows the dialogue box heading of "Test name and description"

Name window shows: E-Mail scanner.

Description window shows: Blank.

Check incoming/outgoing mail are both ticked.

Certify mail, both are ticked.

  Djohn 11:24 11 Nov 2004

Found this on the Grisoft FAQ's (see note at bottom of FAQ page).

Outlook is sending/receiving as HTML. This is the default on my system and also when the AVG message shows as an attachment.

If I switch to "Plain text" from Outlook options then the "Tested by AVG" message appears at the bottom of the mail, in fact two messages, one says outgoing checked and one says incoming checked.

I still have a feeling that something is not quite correct. When using AVG 6 the two "Checked by AVG" messages would appear in the body of the mail of "Outlook" even when using HTML.

  Djohn 11:25 11 Nov 2004
  Lionheart ? 12:11 11 Nov 2004

My Outlook is sending/receiving as HTML and I am getting messages on all e-mails that it has been checked by AVG.

Do you think a reinstall of AVG might help.

  Lionheart ? 12:15 11 Nov 2004

Forgot to say when I installed, I had the option to install the AVG MS Plug-in, which they recommended doing.

  Djohn 12:36 11 Nov 2004

Don't seem to remember that bit so will try a fresh download and install. Express is set to use HTML and it is showing in there which leads me to think its not an HTML issue with "Outlook"

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