New athlon xp 3200 running at 1100

  prodway 00:20 06 Jul 2004

Hi,just installed my new motherboard(asrock k7s8xe+)and Athlon 3200xp Cpu but when i look in system information it tells me my cpus only running at 1100,On the chip itself it does say its 3200xp.Any ideas?I think its a motherboard thing but my manual just dosent seem to make any sense.Hope someone can help,Cheers,Paul.

  Phil930 00:23 06 Jul 2004

your xp 3200 processor should be running at the following settings;

200x11 with a VCore of 1.65. this would be 200x11=2200MHz which is the speed of that chip.

Go into your bios and set the bus speed to 200Mhz (which will give it its 400FSB), then change the multiplier to 11 and make sure your voltage is high enough on the chip to support this (by default 1.65Volts). upon saving this and rebooting your processor will come up as XP3200 @ 2200 Mhz.

  prodway 01:07 06 Jul 2004

Nice 1 phil,So whys the chip an atlon xp3200 when it only runs at 2200,My old chip was a 2000 so what speed would that have run at?Thanks again for you help.Paul.

  Phil930 01:18 06 Jul 2004

its how amd compare their chips. they do not believe a chip is solely dependent upon clock cycles. Therefore they were named as AMD XP 2800, 3000 or 3200 (fr examples), and these should compete with the Pentium 4 2.8, 3.0 and 3.2 respectively.

So your amd xp 3200 should be on comparison with the P4 3.2. In reality this is not really a competition, the P4 will win. But don't be put off, i run a XP 3200 and it is a very capable processor.

As for their speeds, i am unsure. They changed the bus speeds on the XP chips. a couple of examples are here though.

AMD XP 2400 - 266FSB at 2000MHz

AMD XP 2800 - 333FSB at 2250Mhz (i think)

AMD XP 3200 - 400FSB at 2200Mhz

so basically they increased the bus speeds (faster communication for processor between memory). Your chip is a Barton Core with a 400FSB.

so there we go, in amds eyes processors are more than clock cycles!

  Phil930 01:19 06 Jul 2004

but, the fact is a P4 3000Mhz has an 800FSB, so there is the problem! P4 have more power!

Price to performance = AMD

  prodway 01:23 06 Jul 2004

Well explained phil.So is it worth me upgrading my 2000xp to my 3200xp do you think?am i gonna notice a difference?Thanks for your help again,Cheers.Paul.

  hugh-265156 01:48 06 Jul 2004

yes its worth the upgrade if you like playing games or video editing or any processor intensive tasks etc then you will notice a difference over the slower xp2000 which would have run at 1.67ghz.

for games obviously you will also need a good graphics card installed and lots of memory also (512+) but the xp 3200 should be faster anyway over the old one with the same hardware.

everyday tasks and browsing you wont notice much difference though.

  Phil930 03:27 06 Jul 2004

i've gone from an XP2000, to an XP2400 and now to a XP3200. i have noticed the difference in al of them, and as said above, if you run processor intensive apps then you will a big improvement.

your motherboard would support the 400FSB click here

but if i had to recommend any processor get the one i got.

Its the mobile athlon XP 2500. Half the price of the XP 3200 yet will clock just as high. the reason this chip is so good is its designed for lap tops and runs at a much lower voltage core of 1.45 to reduce heat and save battery. When put in a desktop these fly. Increase voltage to 1.65 and multiplier to 11x200 and it will run at 2200Mhz no problems. with a good heatsink fan you can go much further. I run mine at 12x200 putting in 1.75 volts into the core.

the stock option xp3200 is easier, but you will get a gem of a processor if you buy a mobile. look here for comparison
click here

for £70 for the processor i recommend you will see a big difference. What RAM to you have though, you will need DDR400 to really notice a difference. your XP 3200 can be found at scan for a good price

click here

the scan site also shows the clock speeds to answer one of your earlier questions.

finally, i went through the exact same upgrade as you. so see my pc advisor post, this will tell you everything you need to know!

click here

any more questions feel free to ask, just excuse my slow responses, i currently live in the USA and am 5 hrs behind you guys.

  prodway 13:24 06 Jul 2004

Good stuff phil,Im using it for gaming so hopfully ill get a good fps using ddr266 ram btw.I got a good deal on the board,chip and heatsink & fan of ebay,all for around £150.K,im off to install far cry after reinstalling my comp.Cheers,Paul.

  Phil930 19:07 06 Jul 2004

if you can get a good deal on ddr400 mem then that will be best as it will stop limiting your processor to a slower fsb. ddr 400 will let your processor run at its max or 400fsb.

obviuously, the better the memory the better the performance, good brands are corsair, kingston and geil. but if you are on a budget crucial offer good memory. infact, for pure budget ebuyer are offering a 1gb stick of ddr400 for under £100 or 512 for around £50

click here

click here

for games like far cry you will really need 1gb of memory

  prodway 20:51 06 Jul 2004

Yep,I do have 1gb of memory,it even ran well on my old 2000xp cpu,no complaints.With high detail graphics aswell.Ill leave the 400ddr for a while,thatll be my next move i think.Thanks again,Paul.

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