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  CBorders 17:50 26 May 2012

Hi - I've posted on here before (quite a while ago) and whilst I got some good help, I still haven't managed to purchase a laptop yet!

My needs are quite light - although there is a possibility of having to run some pretty demanding software eventually. I want a pretty decent keyboard, screen etc. I'll be watching films and using iplayer (and equivilant) and a webcam will be good (leaving the boyfriend behind to go to university!). I need it to last me through university, there's simply no way I'll afford a new one before I finsih.

My maximum budget was £500 - if I go £100 above its not too much trouble, but absolutely no higher. I'd prefer to buy from a shop, as I like to actually see them before I buy. Though if someone finds exactly the same spec at a lower price (from a reputable place) then obbviously the cheaper option would be great.

I like ASUS laptops - from what I've read they're reliable, and the specs seem good for the price. Added bonus is that they look good. For my the biggest bonus is their keyboards, they seen to be the best quality out of the ones I've tried.

The ones I've seen and am interested in are below:

I know these are probably over-specced for my light needs, but I'm not sure whether my needs will increase over the four years!

Any advice, and other reccomendations, will be appreciated!

  CBorders 17:51 26 May 2012

Just making sure I'm subscribed!

  rdave13 19:02 26 May 2012

The third one has a VGA port the others have HDMI. All have 3 USB ports and battery life similar. For me I'd go for the one with the better CPU and it also has 6GB ram. This would be my personal choice, others might disagree, though. PC World

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