New AOL broadband instal will not handshake

  Gran 15:17 10 Nov 2003

I installed the AOL broadband package last Thursday. Driver looks good in Device Manager and software upgrade installed cleanly.
Voyager 100 modem has direct, screened, RJ11 cable connected to main BT port in my house. Power light is OK on modem, but DSL light only flickers briefly and randomly every few seconds. I understand this may mean no polling from central site????

AOL say they have contacted BT as they suspect a line problem, but I have not heard a thing from BT and the AOL help-line keeps asking me to wait until BT report by email.

I have been waiting since last Thursday and no report as yet.

Apart from re-installing drivers/software,which I have already done a couple of times, I don't know where to go next and it seems a very long fix time for a new service.

Any helpful ideas or advice please?


  plsndrs3 15:24 10 Nov 2003

Power light on, lights flashing and the rest, although my broadband connection does not use AOL directly as it is paid for by my employer.

Many thanks to michelleC who recommended speaking to the ISP. I needed to changed some configuration settings [only the ISP knows these] & am now back online.

Has AOL checked these? Also, I thought that BT only take a couple of days to sort something out - have you chased them again?



  plsndrs3 15:25 10 Nov 2003
  Djohn 15:31 10 Nov 2003

AOL normally report a line fault to BT and the line is checked within 48 hours. Have you tried a test of your modem? if it's the Voyager 100, then go to start/all programs and left click to open your modem window. From there you can do a line test to both BT and to AOL, the results will be displayed on-screen.

The flickering of the DSL light does suggest a line fault more than ISP. j.

  Gran 15:33 10 Nov 2003

Thanks for your quick update.

No, my ISP (AOL) has not said anything about changing any config settings. Aloso it appears that I have to go via AOL, as my provider, to contact BT. They do all that organisation.

Thanks for the link. I'll check it through and see how it compares to my problems.



  Djohn 15:42 10 Nov 2003

Don't change any settings for the time being. AOL install CD puts all the correct settings in for you.

You are correct, no good trying to contact BT wholesale. Even if you manage to get the phone number they will not discuss anything with you. All communication must be done through your ISP. Phone AOL again and enquire if they have e-mailed BT with the fault report and if they have had a response yet. J.

  plsndrs3 15:48 10 Nov 2003


Personally, I wouldn't leave it to AOL to check the line. They tend to promise the earth & deliver little when they are "too busy" ;0)

If you pay for the line, get BTs fault repair to check it - as Djohn & I have said, they normally respond within 24 hours. Atleast then you can 'check' the information that AOL will provide. He knows more than I on PCs and I would tale notice of his advice that he thinks it could be a line fault


  Gran 16:02 10 Nov 2003

Thanks to you both for this helpful info. I've got lots to think about now. Much more to work with than from AOL during the last few days. I'll now follow it up.

If you think of anything else it would be welcome. Meanwhile, I'll chase AOL again.



  Djohn 16:03 10 Nov 2003

Very kind words, but not true! The main reason for me believing it to be a line fault is that my AOL connection went down last Friday at 11am and with exactly the same symptom's as Gran. But in my case they had it back on again by 3pm the same day.

I think that I just happened to be lucky as a BT engineer was due to do some more connections at the local exchange the same day, and he attended to my problem while there. BT engineers will normally phone you to tell you your line is back on and to test it while still on the phone to them. j.

Gran, get back to AOL Customer services and ensure that the mail has been sent to BT. j.

  Gran 15:47 11 Nov 2003

Hi again

As you suggested, I called AOL broadband cust svces last evening, and believe it or not, they told me to call BT on 150. They said that they arranged the line tests, but it was my responsibilty to follow progress with BT.

I did this, and BT confirmed that my line is faulty, but that their engineer won't be able to work on it until Thursday. This is one full week after I first reported the problem. At least I won't be wasting more time trying to fix a computer that isn't broken. Wouldn't it be nice if they'd just communicate!!

Thanks for the all helpful potsts. I'll leave this open till Thursday just in case!!!


  Djohn 16:00 11 Nov 2003

I'm sorry to hear your problem has not yet been fixed. If the problem is on your side of the main phone connection in the house, then yes it will be down to you to chase BT. But if your voice phone is is working fine, and you have made the ADSL connections correctly from your PC/Modem, to the Phone socket. Then the fault will be with the line or exchange and should be the responsibility of AOL to arrange for checks and any repairs. j.

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