? a new "anti-spyware"programme?

  end 08:22 21 Sep 2004

anyone "heard" of this address before

antiadwarefoundation .com

says in the previewed e mail

"put an end to unwanted spam and other internet security hazards permanently";

  whatsit 08:33 21 Sep 2004

Hi there I just typed the address into google, it returned no matches. where did you get the address?

  end 08:53 21 Sep 2004

a "previewed" e mail

from typgilclbnthj.antiadwarefoundation. com (spaced out),
and a [email protected]

am assuming this is "not genuine" but..

  whatsit 09:11 21 Sep 2004

Well I've checked every thing I can think of and haven't found any match, so maybe it's a spoof Ok. whatsit

  Simon_P 09:37 21 Sep 2004

mmmmmmm! interesting

  whatsit 12:42 21 Sep 2004

This is what i got from Yahoo click here Victor

  JonnyTub 12:46 21 Sep 2004
  Philwane 12:52 21 Sep 2004

Try looking here click here

  end 13:13 21 Sep 2004

interesting; I have even got a "pop-up" thing with that ( I think) even with Google-tool bar on here, offer of a "quick scan", and the statement that over , I think, 20000 dowloads so far, so ??MUST be "very popular" and extremely effective.

I also note the , what I call "reverse confidentiality" clauses.

??anyone got a "disposable" or "unwanted" e mail address to try and send an e mail to the address in my first bit, to see what, if anything "comes back"??

maybe, just maybe, I have been sent a message about something the entire forum ought to try::))

  iambeavis 13:46 21 Sep 2004
  iambeavis 13:49 21 Sep 2004

Sorry JonnyTub...my lack of due care and attention again.

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