New AMD XP2700+

  wildtrout 19:58 26 Sep 2003

I have just taken delivery of the above cpu from ebuyer but on boot up after installation it shows as an XP2100+
I have fitted it to an MSI KT3 Ultra Mb with the latest BIOS.
Have I missed something or have they sent me the wrong

  mark500 20:25 26 Sep 2003

The AMD Athlon XP2700+ has a main clock speed of 2.17GHz and a FSB of 333MHz. Its system clock is 333 / 2 = ~166MHz. The multiplier is 2,170 / 166 = ~13

So go into BIOS and change the FSB speed to 166MHZ with a multiplier of 13.

  Steve N 21:15 26 Sep 2003

Yep that should do it. My mate had the same problem. His Athlon XP 2200 changed to a 1500 or 1800, can't remember which though.

  wildtrout 17:08 09 Oct 2003

Thanks and sorry for the delayed response.

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