New Acer Desktop with HDMI output not working?

  Snrub 23:11 19 Oct 2010

I can only connect my new desktop PC to PC Monitor/TV via VGA connection. The HDMI output seems to have no output when I connect to HDMI input on PC Monitor/TV.
Any solutions please or is PC faulty?

  BRYNIT 00:01 20 Oct 2010

I've just upgraded to win7.

On my computer I can go to Start button click on connect to a projector you should get 4 options.

Computer only
Projector only

If you click on duplicate it will show the same on the TV as on the Monitor.

To revert back to the Monitor I have to click on Projector only don't know why could be its classing the TV as the main monitor.

Note: you may have to connect the HDMI cable to computer/TV before switching computer on.

If you do not have the option above and its a NVADIA video card right click on desktop background and select the NVADIA control panel, select multiple displays. With any luck the TV should show.

If its an ATI card it may be similar.

  Snrub 00:19 20 Oct 2010

Do not have this option on my W7 from start button.

  mgmcc 08:38 20 Oct 2010

>>> Do not have this option on my W7 from start button.

The option is within the "Accessories" folder of the Start Menu in Windows 7.

  Snrub 11:23 20 Oct 2010

Thanks used Accesssories but when I click duplicate just goes blank and nothing happens.

  BRYNIT 18:15 20 Oct 2010

May be a bad connection. Try removing/reinserting HDMI cable.

Remember to switch computer and TV off before removing/reinserting HDMI cable.

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