New Acer Aspire 7720 L/top and how to BIOS upgrade

  Audio~~Chip 22:33 05 Mar 2009


Got my new Acer Aspire Laptop but found it needs the BIOS upgrading to fix a known issue effected by cold boot from AC power. I managed to source the BIOS for the laptop from ACER website but theirs no instruction on how to actually update the BIOS.

Their is in the extracted BIOS I downloaded files with some applications but non of them will actually run or instal any kid of flash utility tool.

So my question is does someone in the PCA forum know the routine for updating the bios on this laptop.

Appreciate any calls tonight.

  Graham. 23:02 05 Mar 2009

If your new laptop needs major surgery like a BIOS upgrade, I would contact the supplier for assistance.

You should not have to do this, so I would question where this information came from. You may invalidate the warranty.

  Graham. 23:05 05 Mar 2009

Flashing the BIOS may render the laptop unusable.

  Audio~~Chip 23:20 05 Mar 2009

in the BIOS and Driver updates for the Acer Aspire 7720 laptop the BIOS v1.45 in the readme states it has the fix for Power on AC problem from cold. so v1.45 Bios update inc a fix for tis issue.

Problem with laptop, you can plug AC in and go to power on, it sort of powers on just but get past pre-post boot and its a black screen. if hold down 4 secs on power and restart then it boots fine.

Battery boot of laptop from cold is fine but when on the AC power adapter supplied with Laptop it doens't boot.

I can understand about risk involved with BIOS update, but why do they have BIOS updates for download with no instruction on how to update. Sometime from my experience it could be burn the image to a CD or from within windows using flash software tool.

I also understand why you say contact supplier (Amazon & not a merchant), they wouldn't know anything techie like us.

I am confident of flashing the bios but not when their isn't any pointer on process to do it.

  Graham. 23:50 05 Mar 2009

Confident or not, other customers may not be. You may be amazed what Amazon know.

I would request they supply you with a laptop that doesn't need the BIOS flashing.

  Audio~~Chip 00:22 06 Mar 2009

Worked it out from the Zips. You need to just run the set-up instal application file within the bios zip folder as "Administrator" and it does it all for you.

To any reading this. Make sure you have the laptop connected to the Mains socket and its powered ON ! or you may have a servere perminant unrecoverable BIOS.

Thanks Graham,

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