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  TimCDC 14:39 18 May 2005

I've just inherited a secondhand laptop. Although I've successfully created my user account, it still thinks its owned by the previous user. For example, the path to the desktop is c:\documents and settings\stas\desktop (where stas is the previous owner). How do I teach it is owned by me - I think its something to do with the registry?
This is nothing to do with the user account, which is clearly in my own name.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:49 18 May 2005

Assuming your user account is as an Administrator, then just go to control panel users and delete the other account.

  TimCDC 14:55 18 May 2005

I've done that bit already, and perhaps my thread title was a bit confusing. the STAs account no longer exists, but the computer obviously can remember that it was the original user of the laptop (if I remember rightly, you tell it who you are when you first fire up XP?). Hence, when I am logged in on user account Tim, it still has the path to desktop as shown. This is causing me a real headache trying to restore the backup that I have taken from my old laptop onto my new doesn't recognise the new paths.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:36 18 May 2005

Try control panel - system - advanced tab - userprofiles - settings.

What have you got in that location?

  TimCDC 15:44 18 May 2005

Its down as Tim in there, which seems right.
I'm beginning to think its related to my attemps to restore my files from the backup, rather than as a result of my laptop. I'm going to try copying them over instead. But thanks for your help. Tim

  EARLR 15:20 19 May 2005
  [email protected] 15:42 19 May 2005

Unless EARLR's link can change it, I don't think there is anyway around it without making another new account with your name then deleting the current one.

Changing the Pathway of all your folders will probably cause too many problems that it's not worth the hassle so Windows won't allow it to be changed.

  TimCDC 17:44 19 May 2005

Thanks guys for coming back to this one for me. In the end, I did what [email protected] was suggesting, I think - I simply deleted the account in my name along with all its files and settings. Bit of a nuclear option, but I was fed up with fiddling. It does mean that I won't be able to restore all my files from the old laptop using the backup utility and will instead have to copy them over...but at least I'll understand what I'm doing!

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