new 80gb hardrive recognized as 12gb

  [DELETED] 13:47 04 Nov 2003

hi all,

decided to get myself a Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 80gb 7200rpm UDMA133 Hard Drive

to go with my seagate 40gb hardrive

i set the maxtor as slave the bios recognises it, then went to create a partition/format on it through the windows xp cd, but that didn't recognize i used a floppy bootup disk and used fdisk to create a partition on the second fixed drive, once i did this it only see's it as i updated my bios to the latest version which supports 139gb hardrives and above,did the flash correctly as i have done them before,cleared the cmos after.setup bios settings auto detected the hardrives,and they are recognized

went back to fidsk, and delete partition on the maxtor and created a new one, and it still only recognises 12gb

my head is well and truely up my backside

don't know where to go from here

my thoughts are: that the bios is recognising the hardrive as primary that the jumpers on the drive must be correct.


  [DELETED] 14:02 04 Nov 2003

sorry i should no better

motherboard is abit kt7a

MaxBlast software. The MaxBlast software will install an overlay (EZ-BIOS) on the hard drive to support the full capacity of the this the way to go.but i must stress that the bios is the latest version for this board and it supports 139gb and above

  [DELETED] 14:04 04 Nov 2003

click here

to view my bios it is the kt7a9

  powerless 14:06 04 Nov 2003

Go to start, run, type:


Click ok.

Your new drive will be listed as "Disk 1" right click and choose Initialize.

You can then format from here, by right clicking the long black line and clicking, New Partiton.

(Initialize the disk is what XP likes you to do first)

  [DELETED] 14:14 04 Nov 2003

i have just checked in the bios and the drive is recognized at 81gb,so it cannot be a bios issue

it must be a user issue lol

let me explain what i want

i have 40gb master with xp installed on it

i have added maxtor 80gb as slave,and is recognized and supported in bios

i want to partition and format the new 80gb drive so it can be used as a data storage in conjunction with my 40gb.what is the best way to do this,please dont say partition magic coz i dont have it.

can this be done through windows xp cd or fdsik, either, i will be happy doing

when i boot off xp cd, it doesn't recognise the 80gb hardrive, i gather that is because i have not partitioned or formatted it.but if i set it up through fdisk, by choosing fixed disk 2,and create only recognises the drive as 12gb

so whats the best way forward from here, we know its not a bios issue and the hardrive is it is settings up with a partition ect

  [DELETED] 14:14 04 Nov 2003

thanks i'll check that out

  powerless 14:17 04 Nov 2003

You can do what you want from diskmgmt.msc

  [DELETED] 14:17 04 Nov 2003

i have just checked that powerless and there is no option to initialize,but there is an option to partition it

  powerless 14:20 04 Nov 2003

Try and partiton.

  [DELETED] 14:25 04 Nov 2003

Do you want to try the free disk manager ranish from click here

  [DELETED] 14:26 04 Nov 2003

ok recognises the drive in disk managment as 76gb unallocated ..thanks powerless i will go aheas with that.i wonder whay fdisk only recognized it as 12gb

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