New 512MB 8800TS, No Headphones?

  Crazygeorge3 00:42 21 Dec 2008


I have just installed my new 8800GTS. It was a bit of a mission putting it in (i had to rewire my pc quite a bit, tucking in the cables etc.)

No it seems however, that no headphones work?. My speakers work fine, but i can't plug any headphones in. I have a nasty feeling that i haven't reconnected one of the cables correctly when i was rewiring, which cable would control this part of my pc? what does it look like?


  MAJ 00:48 21 Dec 2008

Are you plugging the headphones into the same green socket as the speakers? If it's a standalone sound card, make sure you aren't plugging the headphones into an onboard sound card outlet. If it's a front of PC socket, check the connections, inside the case, to that socket.

  Crazygeorge3 00:59 21 Dec 2008


Yes, i am plugging the headphones into the same socket.

The ones at the front of the PC don't work either, its quite confusing...

  MAJ 01:06 21 Dec 2008

If the speakers work in the socket, then there's nothing wrong with the socket, do the speakers work in the front socket? Faulty headphones, I think.

  Crazygeorge3 09:49 21 Dec 2008


Nope, it seems that the speakers don't work on the front jack either. Forgot to rewire something?

The thing i don't understand is why the heatphones don't work on the jack at the back of the pc

  Crazygeorge3 09:53 21 Dec 2008

I've just checked on sound properties and found something interesting.

Under "Jack Information" for the speakers it says:

L R Rear Panel 3.5 mm jack

And for the currently disabled headphones it says

L R Front Panel 3.5 mm jack

I'm not sure what to to make of this

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