new 1.8ghz coming up as a 1.35

  Majin_Vegetto007 20:00 21 May 2004

I just brought a brand new 1.8ghz cpu and when i installed it on my pc it only comes up as a 1.35ghz cpu does anybbody know why this is.

  bremner 20:08 21 May 2004

I would gues you have the FSB set incorrectly. Tell us what the processor is and we can tell you the correct settings

  Majin_Vegetto007 20:10 21 May 2004

it is a duron 1.8ghz cpu and it is stated to have an fsb of 266 on the box but i think my motherboard is only running at 66mhz

  bremner 20:12 21 May 2004

You will need to set the FSB to 133 Mhz in the BIOS

  Majin_Vegetto007 20:12 21 May 2004

even when i did that it still only came up as a 1.35ghz one

  bremner 20:16 21 May 2004

The other factor that decides the speed is the Multiplier.

If you processor is an 1800Mhz running at 133Mhz then the Multiplier should be 13.5

  Majin_Vegetto007 20:26 21 May 2004

how do i change that then

  bremner 20:30 21 May 2004

It is normally a setting in the BIOS on the same page as the FSB setting.

If you have difficulty post details of the motherboard

  Majin_Vegetto007 20:34 21 May 2004

my motherboard is a pcchips 810lmr, iv been told that this motherboard can take any duron speeds and some of the athlon thunderbirds but none of the athlon xp's

  bremner 08:00 22 May 2004

Take a look at this click here under CPU related questions.
It may answer your question

  Majin_Vegetto007 12:17 22 May 2004

do you know were i can get the latest bios files??? and if you do, do you know if this is the exact one for this motherboard?

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