Never shutting down a computer?

  281apple 06:59 22 Sep 2005

What are the advantages or the disadvantages of keeping a computer turned on 24 horus per day?

  Taff36 07:05 22 Sep 2005

In days gone by turning off the computer daily resulted in components loosening in their sockets due to cool down and reheat. Not so much a problem these days I believe. Electricity costs are not considerable but obviously you save by switching off. These days with the modern energy efficient computers and monitors you can use hibernate or standby modes to achieve the same thing but resume work on the computer very quickly.

  User-312386 08:20 22 Sep 2005
  jack 08:23 22 Sep 2005

Why shut down?
1. Power use - not a lot but the way prices are going.............
2. Security - If its off it wont break and no one will hack it.
3. Safety - Thunder storms and mains spikes and the like wont damage it- whilst you are zzzing.On this score an earliet debate revealed that to be absolutly sure about safety from lightning and mains the system should be unplugged.
It appears that these 'secure' connector strips are not that secure.Forvexample the earth connection is continous- there for a strike or other glitch can travel the earth wire and zap your machine even if it is switched off ,but plugged into the mains
A right Jonah ar'n't I

  €dstowe 08:24 22 Sep 2005

For me the disadvantage of leaving computers on 24 hours is that I could not get my premises insured. This is a business though, domestic insurance may be different but even then, my home computers are switched off at night.

  keith-236785 10:03 22 Sep 2005

mine is normally on 24/7, only occasionally i will shut it down. more for the peace and quiet than anything else (also seems to keep the room nice and warm if left on)

dont bother with standby, i could but im just too lazy.

i read a story a few months ago about this and it was said it costs about £30 a year to leave it on 24/7 (quite a lot really if their figures are right) dont know what spec machine it was, probably a high spec power eating monster.

if you are concerned about leaving things on, there is a smart socket available that senses no pc usage (ie.standby/sleep) and powers down all the sockets EXCEPT the pc socket. all add ons (screen/printer/scanner/speakers etc...)Would power down and come back on when the pc came back to life.

  interzone55 11:52 22 Sep 2005

Do you need it running 24/7?

If not switch it off, it'll save you money in electricity, extend the life of the components & after all, how long does it take to boot up anyway. Mine takes 30 seconds from boot to login screen, then another minute after login to load AV software etc.

  Thalmus 12:02 22 Sep 2005

Acutally turning your computer on and off doesn't extend the life of the compnents it shortens them, thats why some people recommend to leave it on all the time.

Its the same princible as a light bulb, switching the computer on and off causes the circuit tracks to warm up and cool down all the time making them weaker and more likley to break.

If its on all the time then the temperature is constant and causes them less damage

  george 12:39 22 Sep 2005

As an electronic engineer I shudder to think what will happen if you leave a desktop PC on, day and night.The fan motor for a start will one day break down and all other components will age prematurely.
The problem with switching the PC on and off is that it creates transient voltages at the instant of switching on or off,which are added to the normal voltages.That's why for example a light bulb will breakdown at the instant of switching on but never during operation.But there are capacitive circuits in all electronic cards of the PC to avoid this.
So leave the PC on during working hours but switch it off when not in use and certainly overnight.

  Jackcoms 13:11 22 Sep 2005

"So leave the PC on during working hours but switch it off when not in use and certainly overnight."

Or use the hibernate function overnight. I do.

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:37 22 Sep 2005

for leaving your pc on when not in use for long periods, such as overnight. Those who suggest switching it off, or hibernating will shorten the life of the pc are basing their opinions on very outdated thinking and can be safely ignored.

Take careful note of what George says above, he is right.

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