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  ol blueeyes 22:54 12 Sep 2009

Some 4 years ago my Daughter purchased a "Time" Computer which when started up called for her to registered the PC with her details with the Manufacturer. I have just learnt she never did this so everytime she logs on up comes this screen. She can get rid of it by clicking "Register Later" but next time up it comes again.
I have tried to register the Machine today but she needs the receipt number of her payment but in the course of time the relevant number has faded beyond recognition.
Of course an added complication is "Time" went bust as did "Woolworths" where she bought it.
I've tried everything I know to get rid of this but have been unable to do so.
Can anyone help please ?

  birdface 23:07 12 Sep 2009

If she did not register it she would not have got any updates from Microsoft.On the side of the computer there should be a coa sticker with the proper keycode on should just be a matter of entering that.
Or download SIW and look under secrets if she has registered it the keycode will be on there.

  birdface 23:10 12 Sep 2009

Why would she need the receipt number.I can't understand that.

  rdave13 23:15 12 Sep 2009

Possibly try start-search, all files and folders, more advanced options down arrow, tick the boxes for;
search system file folders

search hidden files and folders

search sub folders.

In the 'A word or phrase in the file' box type 'Register Time'. See what it comes up with.
Text or email can be ignored. Folders are the ones to be deleted. Try deleting one or two from the bottom of list upwards. If you delete a text type folder the email or notepad etc file will be deleted if you know what I mean.

  rdave13 23:18 12 Sep 2009

It is to do with Time needing customers to register for their own figures. Nothing to do with Microsoft updates.

  ol blueeyes 23:19 12 Sep 2009

Oh yes she is fully uptodate with Microsoft Updates.
Sorry I should have said this was to register with "TIME"

  birdface 23:20 12 Sep 2009

Register her PC with her details with the Manufacturer.
That would only have been for the guarantee.She would need to have registered the Keycode with Microsoft.

  birdface 23:23 12 Sep 2009

Ok Missed that Sorry. And I have not had a drink yet.

  Sea Urchin 23:25 12 Sep 2009

Click Start, All Programs, select Accessories, then System Tools, and Scheduled Tasks.

There may be a task for something like Time Registration - if so highlight it and click Delete.

  rdave13 23:26 12 Sep 2009

"And I have not had a drink yet"
Tut tut; why not...?

  ol blueeyes 23:40 12 Sep 2009

Sea Urchin
Will send her an E:Mail giving her your suggestion so she can try it. Will let you know.
Though when I don't know, you know what Daughters can be like ?

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