Never let go "both ends!"

  Diemmess 15:14 07 Nov 2004

Success comes at the price of being willing to do quite a bit of fiddling with a recent version of Ghost.(Must be able to address your USB external disk)

Making, storing and Restoring the image file is where the fiddling comes in.

I think the only sure way to preserve the old website builder is to keep it with the drive and existing OS. At its simplest, stay with the old computer for those few more months.

If you do go the Ghost image/restore route then make an image on your Ext. HD (and one of the New (98) computer too if you have the space). Then try restoring the important image to the "new" computer. If you are lucky it will go fine, but a whole list of snags may temporarily spoil your day.

The likely snags are differences between the 2 mobos so that you have to find drivers for onboard items which differ from the previous ones.

But...... as long as you still have the original system you can always back track.

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