Never had PCA as slow

  woodchip 13:18 29 Oct 2009

This morning it seems a Royal Pain at Loading, Even pressing refresh does nothing. Blank Web page for ages. My Download Speed is no Problem as I just checked Laptop

Getting 5.4Mb downloads speed

Just had to disable Jave to post this message

  birdface 13:24 29 Oct 2009

I found it very slow this morning but had just downloaded Adobe so thought that it was probably the problem and uninstalled it again.
It seemed to work ok after a reboot so not sure if that was my problem or not.

  woodchip 13:37 29 Oct 2009

Adobe Should not affect your Brower Speed unless you are downloading a PDF file. Thats the only time it should be running

  rdave13 13:45 29 Oct 2009

Online since seven this morning and PCA loading OK.

  woodchip 13:48 29 Oct 2009

Must be a Problem up he South Yorkshire

  birdface 13:53 29 Oct 2009

Is it just PCA or are you having problems with other sites.
Have you tried Command prompt and typed if ipconfig /flushdns it will tell you dns has been flushed if so you need to reboot for it to take affect.

I use IE7pro add-on and find that it helps you browse a lot quicker worth a try if you are having problems.if you use it make sure Ad-blocker is ticked and Mini download manager is unticked.

Maybe update or download a new Host file.

  oldbeefer2 13:53 29 Oct 2009

...or even 'here'!

  woodchip 13:54 29 Oct 2009

hear not he.

No idea what is up with my HP laptop keyboard. sometimes its not typing letters, and missing letters. Just reinstalled the driver for it

  oldbeefer2 13:54 29 Oct 2009

How did my post appear before woodchips, when I was responding to it?

  Strawballs 14:04 29 Oct 2009

No problems here mate.

  cocteau48 14:16 29 Oct 2009

Just a thought

Have you by any chance downloaded AVG9

Sluggish internet response and missing typed letters in words are both issues being discussed on the AVG forum since the introduction of AVG9.

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