never as easy as it seems

  kalstras 21:47 07 May 2010

I just bought a new HDD for my computer and I opened it up and...

No leads, it has many power connections but not for a sata HDD which is what my comp has

HP Pavilion Media Centre

Silly me thinking plug and play would ACTUALLY MEAN Plug and play


anyone got any helpful thoughts on [email protected]?

Cheers all


  rdave13 21:54 07 May 2010

If it's an 'OEM' harddrive then it won't come with the cables.
Typically to replace an existing harddrive; so a tad cheaper.
Did you read the description in the ad?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:02 07 May 2010

Make and model of drive?

  kalstras 22:15 07 May 2010

Hitachi 1tb 7200 RPM SATA drive

and yes i read the description, nothing mentioned other than plug and play

  rdave13 22:16 07 May 2010

Nothing about OEM?

  kalstras 22:24 07 May 2010

It will fit easily in the second optical drive bay, but even there, there is a load of extra space AND nothing but power plugs. There IS two plug places on the M/B for extra drives...

will look for my motherboard so you can see any extra help you might be able to offer me :D

  kalstras 22:26 07 May 2010

no Dave sorry

click here

  kalstras 22:35 07 May 2010

here's my Motherboard...

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:39 07 May 2010
  rdave13 23:16 07 May 2010

You'll need the Sata cable that connects the drive to your motherboard. I suggest a latching cable as they seem to be the best cables for connectivity.
Just a suggestion; click here

Connect your PSU power connector to your hard drive.

  kalstras 23:38 07 May 2010

no SATA cable on the computer and no Molex on the HDD so, do I need an adapter?

thanks for the help guys :D

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