never again ATI

  marbles 22:11 12 Feb 2009

After spending nearly two weeks trying to install my new ATI Radeon 2600 hd agp pro on vista home prmium, i have now admited defect. Its the first time i have purchased a ATI card, i have always had Nvidia but i will NEVER NEVER buy an ATI again. Everyone has problems with computers but this is rediculous, no one should have to spend time trawling through forums & websites to get a device working, but thats all i've done lately but still doesn't work.
GOODBYE ATI its the bin for you, anyone who buys ATI must be mad, and now iv'e joined them.

  MAJ 22:27 12 Feb 2009

You can throw it in my bin if you wish, marbles, lol.

Seriously though, what problems are you having with it?

  tullie 22:48 12 Feb 2009

No probs with ATI here,maybe you were unlucky?

  marbles 23:00 12 Feb 2009

The problems are to long to list, drivers not installed although they are, reboot for changes to take effect, reboot and says no ati card fitted, list goes on and on, tried all advice given but still not luck. Card works in my brothers pc. Not going to spend any more time on it life's to short.Put my old 7600gs back in, can relay on that.

  Forum Editor 23:08 12 Feb 2009

having this problem with the Radeon 2600 and Vista. Did you check carefully to make sure that you fitted the card tightly into its motherboard slot?

Take a look at this:

click here

  PSF 23:24 12 Feb 2009

I had problems a couple of days ago trying to install a ATI HD3850 512mb in my sons pc. Everything would work ok but 3D06 benchmark would lock up. The pc would also reboot at random. I fitted my NVIDIA 7800 GS 512 mb and it worked ok. His worked in mine ok.
I Updated his BIOS, and Via drivers to the latest re-installed and it still re-booted and locked at random. All the drivers had been removed before both installations. Two power supplies, a cheap 600W and and a quality 550W were also tried.

I gave up in the end he has my card and I have the new one now..... Both pc's XP SP3 with all updates. Including .net framework which the ATI control panel needs to work.

you win some and loose some....

  Stuartli 00:01 13 Feb 2009

I've had several ATi and nVidia graphics cards over the year - the experience with both has always been positive.

  woodchip 00:07 13 Feb 2009

Me thinks that the Ati is running on Nvidia Drivers or trying to. Old Drivers and adapter should first be removed from Add Remove then Device Manager it should be Uninstalled in Safe Mode. Then switch off Computer Fit Ati Boot up and load the Ati CD

  PSF 00:22 13 Feb 2009

The drivers were removed using the un-install utility provided by ATI. The previous card was an ATI 9800XT and so uses the same drivers. I Always remove the drivers first. I think there was a compatibility problem with the motherboard and the ATI card.

  wolfie3000 00:38 13 Feb 2009

Iv never been a fan of ATI cards, the drivers tend to crap out alot during graphical intensive games, also games in general run smoother on Nvidia cards.

I have a dell pc in the other room that has an ATI card in it and its hopeless with any game or video, usually dies after 5 minutes of use.

ATI cards are well known in the gaming community as the poor mans GFX card, no hard core gamer would touch anything with ATI written on it.

Stick with Nvidia.

  woodchip 11:03 13 Feb 2009

Well I have a Ati 9550 on one of my Desktop Computers and its never been a bit of trouble. I fitted it

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