Netwrok using router with program

  bhagat singh 18:58 05 Jul 2007

hi guys!

i am currently helping my uncle to create a network using a router between two of his XP computers in his surgery. He wants to be able to use his program used to look at appointments etc called denplan on both computers while entering data on one will be displayed on the other. How would i be able to do this? would i have to install the program on the network or just on the pcs or would i only have to place the saved file on the network.

Also, how would i create the network using a wireless adaptor and router and what sort of network would it be?

note: both pcs run XP.

Appreciate any comments! thanks!

  PalaeoBill 23:49 05 Jul 2007

If it can be done, (see below), it would be a peer to peer network. You would install denplan on both PC's and then change the settings on one of the PC's to make it use the data files/data source on the hard drive of the other PC, which would need to be shared on the network.

It all depends upon how denplan works. There are a number of questions you need answered, either from this forum or the writers of the denplan software:
Has denplan been written to be a single-user or multi-user application? If it is single user then you will not be able to have simultaneous access of the data files (withough risking corruption). If it is multi-user you still may not be in the clear as you may need to buy a second licence, it depends if the writers have done anything stop you setting up a second user.
Are the appointments etc. stored in a database and if so what kind of database and how does the software access it?

If you need to work this out yourself. To begin with, I would look at a working single PC installation. Is there a tools/propeties/options menu tab? Can you determine the directory where the data files/database is stored on this PC? Is there a printed manual or .PDF that maight help? If you find the directory, what are the file types? It may be a data source rather than a flat file: go into the Control Panel>Administrative Tools, under the Data Source icon has denplan set up any data sources?

Post back what you find.

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