Network/Sage Software Slow-down - virus?

  Blitzer 12:44 26 Jan 2006


Have a small network where I work, mainly used so multiple users can access and use Sage on our Sever (Just a PC dedicated for that purpose). Over the past 2-3 weeks most users have noticed, particularly when using Sage that things are at times very slow. This is not only annoying for the user but is also effecting productivity.

I'm kinda regarded as the one who know most about computers here so naturally everyone keeps turing to me. My background is basically as a hobby where computers are concerned and I'm capable of building PC's etc. and solving general problems - just to give you an idea of my own abilities! :)

My 1st thought it that the most likely cause is a virus on one or more of the computers or possibly the server. Unfortunately, no-one has listened to me in the past when I tell them we ought to have anti-virus and firewall software on each machine! Basically only one machine has anti-virus software and that is not kept upto date and it's not even the server.

If anyone has any ideas or can suggest a likely virus that may cause the network to slow down then that would be much appreciated. Kinda at a loss here with little or no time to do anything during normal working hours.

Further info...

Running the following operating systems...

2 X XP Pro (one is server)
2 X Win98 (SE I think)
3 X Win95

Also any suggestions of FREE anti-virus software to use and hwere to get it would be a great help.

Thank in advance. :)

  Blitzer 20:07 26 Jan 2006

No-one have any ideas? :(

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