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  BeesFan 23:33 07 Jul 2003

This may be an incredibly daft question....

I have just purchased the Netgear DG814 modem/router and am trying to set up my first LAN

Ive got the host computer all working okay and now want to connect up a second PC in another room. Is all I need to do connect an RJ45 cable from the PC to the router and that will take care of the cabling for the network or do I need more than one network card in each PC - one for modem traffic, one for LAN traffic

I thought I would need just the one as the Netgear has a built in 4 port 10/100 switch

  LastChip 23:42 07 Jul 2003

Just put a network card in the machine and join it to the router via an RJ45 cable. That's all that is required.

  jazzypop 23:59 07 Jul 2003

As Lastchip says, just run a cable to your second PC. See click here for a diagram, and see click here in the unlikely event that you need assistance with configuring the router

  BeesFan 00:07 08 Jul 2003

Many thanks for such swift answers....

Glad Ive got all I need - except Ive bought a patch cable instead of a standard lead. Doh! No great problem though

  BeesFan 11:32 08 Jul 2003

Can someone just confirm that a patch cable is different from a crossover cable, and its a patch cable I need to connect 2nd PC to the router.

I have a patch cable which I thought was wrong but it looks like its not that to blame I think

Also - it is okay to have Win XP Pro on the main PC and 2000 Pro on the second isnt it? I know they share a lot of the same 'infrastructure'

Anyway - many thanks in advance

  Psiman 12:52 08 Jul 2003

A patch cable (or straight through cable) is different from a crossover cable.
Most routers carry out the switch (or cross-over) function internally, so a straight through cable is all you need for your connecting your second PC.

XP and 2000 on the same LAN is OK. Try not to think of them as main and second PCs. With a router they are both (equal) clients.

  BeesFan 14:28 08 Jul 2003

Ive got the internet side of things working on both computers but I am now totally lost on how to set up the network / sharing side of things

Now I know why specialists charge so much!

  Psiman 14:45 08 Jul 2003

Start with the XP computer. Click -- control panel -- network and internet connections -- setup or change your home or small office network.
Run the network wizard and work through the questions. At the end select -- create a network setup disk -- and when done run it on the Win 2000 machine.

  BeesFan 14:55 08 Jul 2003

I did exactly that psiman - created a network disc which I then tried to use on Win2k machine

Machine came back saying thie disk was only compatible with 98, 98ME or XP! 'Users of other OSs must consult docs that came with their discs" !!


You'd think that 2000pro would be easier to network than damn 98 or 98ME!!

  Psiman 15:13 08 Jul 2003

Sorry aboy that. Have you enabled 'sharing' on the 'C' drive of each PC?

  BeesFan 15:24 08 Jul 2003

Of sorts....

On the second PC it at least sees both computers within the workgroup now

If however I try and click on the main PC icon it comes back '\\Mainserver is not accessible - the network path was not found'

(Mainserver being the name of my WinXP machine)

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