Network's are Driving me up the wall.

  acsmanhtml12 08:29 08 Apr 2006

I have followed everybody's advice on Networks in this forum for my crossover dialema's. I have a Windows XP Pro PC and XP Home PC the Home is and the PRO . The Pro can but a shared file up and see it in My Network Places. It cam click on view workgroup Pc's but can't see the Home one. When the home trys to do it, it says You don't have the rights to access this. Please contact your network administrator. I have set it up on both pcs with the same Workgroup name etc. etc. with the Netwokr Wizard in XP. PlZ help me!!

  Forum Editor 08:51 08 Apr 2006

running on either machine?

  mgmcc 12:55 08 Apr 2006

<<< I have a Windows XP Pro PC and XP Home PC the Home is and the PRO >>>

These are not from one of the IP address ranges reserved for use with Local Area Networks. In fact, these IP addresses belong to Service Provider Corporation, Bedminster, New Jersey, USA.

You should be using addresses from a or range.

As the F.E. suggests, any firewall software needs to be configured to allow access to the networked computers. Also, when accessing shared resources in a PC running XP Pro, you normally need to be logged in to the 'client' PC with a Username/Password that matches an Account set up in XP Pro - more about this at click here

  acsmanhtml12 14:05 08 Apr 2006

Sorry for the life of me I can't rememberwhat the IP's where. They are what mgmcc pointed out. That still dosen't explain the error messages though?

  mgmcc 14:38 08 Apr 2006

The error message is the claptrap that windows regurgitates whenever there is a problem accessing a remote computer over the network. It is a generic message which is usually misleading and often totally inaccurate. Therefore you come back to the need to have firewalls properly configured and, in the case of XP Pro, common logins.

  acsmanhtml12 07:47 09 Apr 2006

Thanks mgmcc for all the effort you have put in to try and help me to sort out my very big dilema. However yourvery good page on XP Pro Client PC bit went straight over my head. Is the following what it means or do you need to explain it again. Does it mean that if I have an account on the XP Home PC caller Coppard then the Pro Pc has to have an account Coppard but both with the same Password!

  mgmcc 08:33 09 Apr 2006

If you log in to the XP Home PC with the Username "Coppard" and, for example, the password "1234" then you need to have an Account set up in XP Pro with the *same* Username & Password. Then, when you access XP Pro over the network, you are recognised as already being a valid user of XP Pro.

An alternative in the "Client" PC is to use the option to "Map Network Drive". This will also let you log in using a different Username/Password, so you can set it up with one that matches an Account in the XP Pro PC.

  acsmanhtml12 09:31 09 Apr 2006

Thanks a lot mgmcc. I will post if it works if not then be prepared for me to be ranting round the forum!!

  old&nojob 17:57 09 Apr 2006

Are you usng a crossoer cable between the machines? There is an alternative way of setting these up is you are.

  acsmanhtml12 08:06 16 Apr 2006

Thank You Everyone. I have now done it. After doing it the XP Pro PC started going wrong. I took it into PC World and said it was a corrupt BIOS and the whole of my motherboards packed up. Well it's not bad for a PC thats been up-graded twice and was around in 1999. I have to admit my Dad made the biggest mistake of his life buying two Time PC's.

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