Networking...Windows 2K and Windows XP

  Mozart 22:31 29 Apr 2003
Locked it possible to network a desktop running windows 2K Pro(which will be acting as a host for ICS and has the shared printer), a desktop which will only be used for file sharing also running 2K Pro and a laptop running XP Pro which will need to access the printer and net? If it is, can someone direct me to an idiot proof guide/tutorial because i have tried my own knowledge, 2 other 'experts' and trawled the net and cannot make my network work!

Thanks, i will be very grateful for any advice.

  LastChip 22:51 29 Apr 2003

But there are many issues involved in making the whole thing fit together.

The primary concern, is to ignore anything to do with the internet, and get the network working properly first.

In order to do this, disable any/all firewalls, until such times as the network is operational. The firewall can be introduced later.

Personally, I stick with manual addresses. That way, you know what you are dealing with.

There are three basic things that have to fit, to make it work.

1. The network has to have a common Name.

2. Each machine has to have an individual name.

3. There must be at least ONE shared device on each machine. This can be a file or a drive.

For a good set-up guide, click here

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