Networking/Printer Sharing

  Barrie-281802 15:55 25 Feb 2004

I am sure that this has been covered many times but I am stuck and would appreciate some help.
I have a PC connected to Cable Broadband via a USB/AEI adaptor. I have installed a NIC card in the PC and connected to my laptop via a crosover cable. The laptop can see the internet but I cannot share the printer or files.
Loopback tests are correct on both machines and the both machines are running XP Pro. The Home Network wizard appeared to work.
Any suggestions please.

  brydonr 16:02 25 Feb 2004

On the pc attached to the printer - Go to start, settings then printers. Right click on the printer and select sharing. Turn on sharing and give it a name.

On the other PC go into printers in the same way and select add a printer, then from the dialogue select a network printer and add the name you gave the printer.

  brydonr 16:09 25 Feb 2004

To share files or drives right click on the file or folder and select sharing turn on sharing and give the file/folder a name you can also set permissions for accessing the shares which is a good idea.

On the other Pc open explorer and select Tools "map network drive". Use browse you should see the name of the other PC click this and it will display the files/folders that have sharing set.

  Barrie-281802 16:40 25 Feb 2004

I have enabled both printer and file sharing but still no luck. I have now discovered that I cannot ping the PC from the laptop. Pinging the Laptop from the PC is OK.

  brydonr 16:57 25 Feb 2004

First I would go to control panel and network & dial up connection then "network identification' on the left of the screen and check both Pc's have the same workgroup names. If not go to properties and give them individual names and the same workgroup name.

Then double click on the local area connection icon the following are typically installed "client for microsoft networks", "file and printer sharing" and "internet protocol TCP/IP" sometimes NetBEUI is installed as well.

  Barrie-281802 18:25 25 Feb 2004

Both computers are on the same workgroup and have unique names. File and Printer sharing and TCP/IP are installed. I am wondering if it could be anything to do with the fact that there are two local area networks, 2 for the broadband internet connection and one for the local network.
Any suggestions on that one?

  Bebee 19:05 25 Feb 2004

Have you got a firewall installed? If so check the settings.

  Barrie-281802 19:41 25 Feb 2004

Many thanks for all the help. The problem was an incorrect IP address in the Nortons Firewall. Thanks Bebee.

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