Networking,Passwords,FTP,and stuff!!

  Kitz E Kat 20:00 16 Apr 2003

Hi, im trying to network 98se to 2000. The main problem is that when i search for computers on the network i find 2000, that's good!! But when i try to explore 2000, im asked for a network password, i enter the same networking password im prompted fot at logon, but it don't like that one! That's Bad!! I have no passwords on 2000, and no other passwords on 98, except for the logon one, which it don't like, so i cant get on the network. I can loook at the 98 computer from 2000.Also i can ping from 98 to 2000 and visa versa, however when i try FTP, i get Refused connection, i can FTP to a OSx APPLE, i did find a setting in the Apple to allow FTP access, is there such a beast in 98 or 2000

  recap 20:11 16 Apr 2003

Try clicking the OK button this may allow you access without entering a password.

  Kitz E Kat 22:10 16 Apr 2003

Thanks recap, i did try this and no joy

  vinnyo123 17:16 17 Apr 2003

are you trying to access a ftp server(for HTML)over WAN

IF you can ping to each other most likely its a setting problem ,,any firewalls,router,

  Kitz E Kat 18:50 17 Apr 2003

Cheers vinnyo123,
Its only a LAN, consisting of iMAc with OSX, WIN98 se and 2000,connected using a hub.Both 98 and 2000, are clean installs, with no firewalls, or security setting activated, as mentioned there is a setting in the mac to enable FTP access, and i can use FTP from 98 or 2000 to the iMac, the problem is from the iMac to either 98 and 2000, or from 98 to 2000 or visa versa, as i said i can PING all over the place! with Zero packet losss,ive serached all over the place for a setting to activate on 98 and 2000 but no joy,

  Monitor Master 19:13 17 Apr 2003

It looks to me that your windows 98 computers is trying to access the windows 2000 computer but as the windows 2000 computer does not allow the username of the windows 98 computer its asking for a password. So to get around this you would have to add the username of the windows 98 computer to the allow list of the windows 2000 computer.

I hope this makes sense


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